Looking presentable in the office or a meeting can be a challenge for many ladies out there. With the evolution of business attire, striking the right balance between style and professionalism is tricky. There are numerous outfit ideas, from sophisticated separates to smart suits, that you can experiment with throughout the week. 

The choice of women’s work wear must reflect the individuality and femininity of the wearer. Further, it should be comfortable enough to provide comfort throughout the day. 

Women usually demand different designs and cuts, providing perfect fit and ease of movement. So, if you are planning on purchasing workwear, consider the five features mentioned below.

  1. Fabric

The workwear that you pick should have a fitted silhouette complementing your figure. It is best to go for natural fabrics as they are air permeable, hygienic and comfortable. Also, these fabrics are pollution resistant and don’t accumulate static electricity. 

Since the fabric remains in contact with the skin throughout the day, choosing natural fabrics will prevent allergies and irritation. You also need to ensure that the material is tolerant of frequent washing, so it doesn’t lose shape, size or colour.

  1. Fit

The most crucial element of women’s work wear is the fit. It should be well-fitted but not overly tight. In addition, it must finish at the knees or just below them. For sleeves, long and short lengths are preferred in a business setting. However, you can also choose a sleeveless style and pair it with a blazer. 

The best manufacturers pay maximum attention to checking and testing fittings for strength. So, check whether the zipper is easy to open and close or the buttons are strong and sewed properly to the material.

Ideally, workwear suggests a restrained yet classy form of style. Therefore, it’s better not to pick something with small detailing and too many decorations.

  1. Lightness

Heavy workwear is super uncomfortable to work in. So, opt for light materials for your pants, skirts and dresses to achieve a sophisticated look during the summers. It is best to go for cotton denim or natural wool coats that enable proper air circulation and give you freedom of movement. 

Make simple changes in the workwear during winters, keeping the aspect of lightness intact. You could choose a turtleneck sweater for your collared shirt that will provide warmth and look stylish. 

  1. Optical effects

Various elements in workwear can slim one’s appearance. It could be coloured fabric inserts on skirts, trousers, vests, jackets, or even decorative stitches. 

If you want to highlight your curves, go for oblique lines instead of vertical ones. You can look for diagonal patterns for creating dynamics and figure deconstruction.  

  1. Colours

The colour of workwear can be diverse. You can go for bright shades of green, blue or red or neutral hues like grey, navy and black.

The colour options also allow you to mix and match, creating a unique look each day. For example, you can easily pair classic hues like navy or black with bright colours like red or pink that add a bit of personality. 

Moreover, classic white is a work wardrobe staple. So, you can wear your white shirt tucked in, tied up or even layer it with a slim-cut navy suit. 

The basic idea behind choosing workwear is to look stylish without sacrificing your comfort and the clothes’ functionality. So, you have scope to experiment with different fabrics, decorative trims, patch pockets and embroidery. You can also use accessories like belts, minimalistic jewellery pieces, and classy handbags to complete the entire look.

By Manali