Printing has continued to remain one of the most trusted and in-demand media for industries. Digital printing has grown over the years and become more and more popular. Digital printing franchises like Signarama Franchise have benefitted a lot from the technological developments in the printing industry. Let a take a look at the different ways in which technology can benefit the printing industry:

Reliable and Ease of Use

Technology makes the operation of integrated digital printing equipment easy and accessible to printing franchisees and their teams. It also leads to cleaner work environments as the industry will move away from solvents and inks that create a mess. It also improves reliability and reduces waste.

Helps Printing Customized Designs on Demand with Low Inventory

Technological advancements in digital printing have brought printing on-demand to the center stage. This enables customers of franchisees to get customized printing and marketing materials using variable data printing. Whether clients require hundreds or thousands of marketing materials and other items, they can be printed on demand.

Enhanced Technology Streamlines Workflow

Technology has made sure franchisees have better automated options to make jobs more accessible in an efficient manner. This leads to reduced labor, providing companies with cost benefits that can then be passed on to customers in the form of rewards and offers.

Integration of Online Marketing with Print to Ensure Good Return on Investment

As a printing franchisee, you must engage and meet with your clients across different touchpoints. For instance, direct mail programs can help with cross-media marketing. They can also help seamlessly track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns. Introducing similar online marketing approaches and strategies can help improve return on investment.

Technology Makes it Possible to Offer a Wider Variety of Products and Services

Technology has made the entire printing industry versatile. As a result, companies and franchisees can accommodate anything and everything that clients and companies may require to promote their businesses or special events. Most printing franchisees are using technology and innovation to produce most items in-house. Products like T-shirts, mugs, custom branded apparel, hats, and specialized printing on wood and metal can easily be produced and delivered to customers. Companies can also create various designs, signages, promotional materials, merchandise for corporate identity, stickers, color printed materials, as well as black and white materials.

Why Choose Digital Printing

Digital printing is often called direct to press because the proof of the print comes directly off the press. This makes it very useful in short-run prints. Digital printing has been gaining popularity over the years because of its high-quality printing solutions. Below are some of its advantages:

Quick Turnaround

Digital printing doesn’t require any plates or make-readies. As a result, the printing time is reduced considerably. Digital printing eliminates the need for costly preparations, making it easy to print large quantities of materials in minimal time.

High-Quality Prints

Digital printing can accommodate minor edits and small changes easily, making it possible for you to achieve high-quality results with every print cycle. It creates crystal clear and high-resolution images to give your products and merchandise a professional look.

Can Easily be Customized

Digital printing doesn’t need any set-in plates or designs. As a result, the entire process is flexible, allowing you to revise and edit designs and make changes between batches without too much trouble.

Brilliant Color Accuracy

Digital printing, unlike other printing solutions, offers almost 95% color accuracy. You can check and recheck different shades in your designs multiple times and create designs exactly the way you want. 


Digital printing is a cost-effective option as it brings down printing time considerably. It also allows you to customize print jobs and print multiple copies in one go. 

Environment Friendly

Offset printing can create a large mess as it requires inks to be mixed. Printing plates used in offset printing also need to be washed using toxic detergents. Digital printing doesn’t use pressure and heat to fuse the toner into the paper. Instead, it transfers the toner to the medium and then fuses it using heat. As a result, you will not have to create a toxic mess, making the entire process environment-friendly.

Can be Budget Friendly

Digital printers work very fast and can create batches of products with ease. As a result, you can produce both large and small batches of letterheads, brochures, envelopes, and more. You will no longer have to store large quantities of your brand stationary in multiple storage boxes. The ability to print merchandise in small batches lets you save a considerable amount of money. You will also get valuable free space in the office as you won’t have to store large quantities of stationery.

By Manali