Are you looking for a quality desktop that costs less than $1000 yet offers features like powerful processing, dedicated graphics, and advanced multimedia? Well, you don’t need to buy a brand-new desktop for that; your old bulky desktop that you were thinking of replacing can still stay. If you are a dedicated gamer, you may know the importance of having a PC with ideal specifications to support your gameplay design. Highly effective processors like AMD Ryzen optimise not only your gaming experience but also your daily task productivity.

The majority of desktop PCs, however, are designed to serve something other than the gamer in you. So, all you need to do is replace your old processor with a powerful AMD Ryzen processor. It is built on AMD’s 8th-generation of processor technology. That means you can enhance your PC’s performance without breaking the bank. How? Upgrading its components is the best answer!

Here are five ways to upgrade your PC into a gaming PC; continue reading!


Your computer’s brain, or central processing unit, must be in top shape to function correctly. The more powerful your processor is, the better your PC will perform. However, remember the performance of the system depends on the ‘Core’ competency. Whether you attach an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X or Intel Core i9 12900k, the performance of your processor will depend on the cores the processor carries. The higher the number of cores, the faster the processor will be. 


RAM has the capacity for short-term memory or retention. The computer’s ability to retain determines how quickly you can move during gaming. Your PC will respond more rapidly whenever you improve your random access memory because of the accelerated instantaneous access.

Video card

The video or graphics card is an exciting and essential component of every gaming PC. There is no denying that a game’s appealing visuals are a crucial factor that can make or break your gaming experience. The most recent versions of video cards are made to give you the most realistic feel throughout the session. Hence, it would be best to have GPUs with ultra settings, 8k compatibility, and acceptable frame rates to build a high-end gaming beast. Additionally, if you want to experience VR gaming, your headsets need to be upgraded along with your desktop.


High-quality monitors also enable people to play video games to their full potential. Better gameplay sometimes implies more giant screens. However, many prefer playing video games on large monitors because they can see a big area. Professionals make these devices with screens that run at 120 Hz and 60 Hz. One might choose a monitor screen based on their financial situation. Compared to 120 Hz, 60 Hz monitors update more slowly. Therefore, those who desire to perform above and beyond the norm can choose monitors with a higher range.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

SSDs can fulfil your PC’s demand for extreme speed. Your SSDs will improve your desktop’s response time because they don’t have moving parts. The majority of desktop computers can manage four hard discs. In other words, improving performance only requires spending a little money. Your desktop’s speed will astound you if you add an SSD to the existing HDD.

That was it! Now you are very well aware of what you need to do to get a high-performance PC. 

Before significant upgrades to your PC, like adding an AMD Ryzen processor or another SSD, remember to consider two more things- backup and replacement.

  • Backup: Ensure that all crucial files are stored on your desktop as a backup in one location. Although there is minimal possibility that upgrades can harm your data, it is essential to err on the side of caution.
  • Replacement: Replace one component at a time to identify the issue to simplify post-upgrade troubleshooting.

By Manali