Many truck owners hesitate to take action when their truck seems to have a problem. After all, it’s much easier to assume that everything is okay than to worry about possible issues with your truck. However, when the signs are obvious—like regular plumes of smoke coming from the engine—then it might be time to tune up your truck. It’s usually better to arrest such problems before your truck breaks down completely. Sometimes, the problem might occur when you’re on the road. If it’s at an odd hour, you’ll have difficulty finding mechanics to resolve your problem promptly. Luckily, there are truck shops that work round the clock. For instance, 24/7 St. Louis Mobile Truck Repair in St. Louis, MO, is a reliable company that ensures you’re not left swinging in the wind if you get truck problems in the middle of the night.

A crucial advantage of trucks today is that they don’t require tune-ups for every 10 000 miles or so of travel. An average truck can easily do 100 000 miles before it requires any significant adjustments. However, this does not mean that serious problems cannot arise before such mileage is attained. Usually, truck problems don’t arise out of the blue; there are tell-tale signs that become clear when there’s a problem. However, most owners may choose to ignore it.

The following are things to indicate that your truck may need a repair;

1)Strange Smells and Leakage

Unless you’ve just purchased your truck, you should be familiar with its usual smell (or lack thereof). That distinct smell that hits you every time you open the truck door should help you tell if there is a problem. For instance, you may get an indescribably bad smell before driving. This will most likely be an issue with the clutch facing, meaning something is wrong somewhere in the engine. This, and other things like fluid leakages, need to be investigated by a trained mechanic.

2) Brake Failure

A failure in the brake system is a potential safety issue that needs to be addressed promptly. The last thing you want is to find out about such brake failure while cruising a highway. Sometimes, it may not be a total brake failure but a partial one; you suddenly notice that your brakes are responding a few seconds later than they should. Most trucks have a brake indicator on the dashboard to alert the driver of any brake issues. This is an issue that should be handled by a certified mechanic immediately. It could be the first indicator of serious engine issues that need repair.

3) Warning Lights

Most truck drivers take it for granted that their dashboard will light up as a matter of routine. This leads many such drivers to ignore lights that stay on long after they’ve started driving. Lights on the dashboard are there to signal to the driver an issue with the truck. For instance, indicator lights on the dashboard refusing to dim could indicate transmission failure, thereby requiring repairs at the mechanic’s shop.

4) Poor Fuel Mileage

As a truck driver, you’ll get to know how much fuel your truck consumes for a particular distance covered. While not precise, you can get a good idea of how much fuel can cover a general distance. This is crucial to help you know if your truck may need a repair. For instance, if you notice that your truck now runs for fewer miles on the same amount of fuel you used to fill in the tank then there might be a problem. This could indicate that the fuel injection system is not working as efficiently as it should. A visit to the mechanic’s shop should be your immediate course of action.

5) Reduced Acceleration or Loss of Power

Trucks tend to carry heavy loads, meaning power and speed are essential. If you’ve noticed your truck being a little slower even after depressing the acceleration pedal significantly, it might be time to see your mechanic. This could lead to a sticky situation on the road. For instance, if you’re trying to overtake another vehicle on the road, failing to accelerate properly could mean a collision if there’s another vehicle coming at you. The same applies to loss of power; this could mean there’s a problem with the gear shift.

The above are some of the main things to indicate that a truck needs an urgent inspection by a qualified truck mechanic.

Ultimately, a truck owner has to take such issues seriously to avoid accidents and injuries.

By Manali