Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a significant concern for many people. Though some STDs are curable, like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis, they can cause considerable damage if left untreated. As such, getting tested regularly is vital, especially if you’re sexually active. In this regard, a HealthyMD STD test kit can help determine your health condition.

But how much does STD testing cost? Well, it depends. Various elements impact the overall cost, meaning the ballpark figure can be between $50 and $600. Let’s uncover a few of these variables, including how you can access free or low-cost tests.

Type of Test

STD test costs vary depending on the clinic or lab you visit. For instance, a clinic may charge $200 for physician consultation and all necessary blood work. Some clinics charge more, while others offer discounts for specific tests or if you order multiple tests simultaneously.

The type of test you seek will affect how much you spend. For example, a urine test is usually cheaper than a blood test. Additionally, tests that screen for multiple STDs at once are usually more expensive than those that only look for one STD. That said, comprehensive STD tests that screen for many STDs at a go are becoming more common and affordable. If you can’t access a free kit, here are the average costs of some common STD tests:

  • Chlamydia Test: $60-$250
  • Gonorrhea Test: $40-$250
  • Herpes Test: $50-$200
  • HIV Test: Free-$100-$200
  • Syphilis Test: $20-$150
  • Trichomoniasis Test: $50-$200

Additional Costs

Besides the cost of the test, you need to consider other related expenses. For instance, some centers charge lab fees, while others do not. Should you test positive, you may need to pay for follow-up tests or treatment, which can cost anywhere from $100-$500 or more, depending on the STD and the number of visits required.

Also, some insurance providers only cover certain STD tests or treatments. An office visit to a doctor or health center is another cost. The price of an office visit can range from $0 (if you have insurance) to $200 or more – if you don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover STD testing.

Free Test Kits

To promote testing and treatment, some facilities offer free test kits. A comprehensive test kit can allow you to test for multiple STDs at once. Follow the instructions carefully, as some tests require specific timing or steps to be accurate.

Given that some kits are free, you may wonder, “what’s the catch?” Generally, you may be subject to a few terms or conditions by ordering a free kit, depending on the provider. For instance, some facilities require you to participate in a survey or give feedback about your experience.

Others may ask you to share your story on social media to help raise awareness. Still, some may call upon you to fill out a symptoms assessment form to help them determine the ideal test kit. While this may seem off-putting to some people, note that these are common ways facilities use to generate funding to keep providing free kits.

How to Get a Free Test Kit?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You can order a kit online through the provider’s website or over the phone. But generally, here are a few ways you can get your hands on a free test kit:

  1. Request one from a local STD testing facility or health department.
  2. Look online for coupons or promo codes.
  3. See if your health insurance covers the cost of testing.
  4. Find out if there are free testing events in your area.

If you opt for one of the first two options, simply call or visit the facility’s website to request a kit. Alternatively, the third option is the best way to go if you have health insurance.

Your insurance provider can tell you which STD tests are covered under your plan and help you find a facility near you. The last option is excellent if you want to get tested but don’t necessarily want to go to a doctor or health center. Non-profit organizations and local health departments usually organize such events.

Low-Cost Testing

Many low-cost testing options are available for the uninsured or people whose insurance does not cover STD testing. Plus, some community health centers offer sliding scale fees based on income, and many states provide free or low-cost STD testing through their Department of Health. You can also buy a test kit online from a reputable company, though it is essential to ensure the kit is FDA approved.

If you are troubled about the cost of STD testing, you can explore the available low-cost alternatives. That said, testing is merely a starting point. If you test positive for an STD, seek treatment urgently. And although it can be costly, it could save you money, time, and, most importantly, your life. While at it, ensure you have a plan to pay for treatment if necessary.

No matter how you get tested, what counts is that you do it. Regular STD testing can promote good sexual health. So, don’t let the cost of testing deter you. Do what is best for your health by getting tested, possibly today.

By Manali