Are you planning a bachelor or bachelorette party? Do you have a date you wish to impress? Are you planning to arrive in grand style at your birthday or prom? A limo rental may be the best option. However, you need to know how much to budget for this grand entry before it happens. In Phoenix, the price of a limo rental varies. You can browse this site for an estimate of what limo rental costs. Although they may generally cost between $99 and $195 an hour, you should know that the cost depends on many factors. 

Average Limo Rental Prices

The average limo rental prices in the United States, according to present market statistics, are;

  • $95 to $150 per hour
  • $650 to $950 per night
  • $600 to $1,100 for wedding bookings
  • $750 to $1,250 for proms

Although these prices are regarded as the average across the United States, customers may spend more. The overall cost of your limo rental will depend on factors like the limo rental company and their packages, the time of hiring, and more. Some factors affecting the cost of a limo rental include; 

Time of Hiring 

Limo rental companies have their peak and off-peak seasons. Their peak seasons are those times of the day or year when demand for limo rental rises. Hiring a limo during the peak season can be expensive, especially as the limo company leverages the high demand for the limited resources. You may be forced to pay more than you’d have paid during the off-peak seasons.

Holiday seasons often attract a higher limo rental rate than other times of the year. You can also expect to pay more for limo rental in the evening and during the weekends. If you wish to save money on limo rental, target the off-peak periods like during the day, during the week, and during non-holiday periods. 

The Limo Model You’re Hiring 

You’d agree that different cars cost different amounts. Some cars are more expensive than others, and it applies to the limo business too. Premium cars command more money while older models command less.

When renting a limousine, whether, for your wedding or prom, there’s a chance that you may pay more to have the latest limousine model. You may also pay more based on the number of seats available. An 8-seater limousine won’t cost the same thing as a 16-seater limousine.

You can, however, save costs by hiring a roomier limousine for your event, especially if you are planning a group tour or outing.

The Number of Hours You’re Hiring For 

Most limo rental companies have a standard operating procedure that guides customers on the minimum number of hours they can rent their vehicles for. While some rent at a flat hourly fee, others offer special discounts on more hours.

If you’re renting a limo for more than three hours, you may qualify for special discounts, depending on the operating procedures of the rental company. You may also spend less per hour if you hire the limo for longer hours.

For example, a limo company that charges $99 an hour may offer you a $450 deal for 5 hours of a limo rental. If you chose the deal, you’d have saved $9 on each rental hour.

Your Location 

Location is an important consideration when it comes to pricing. The standard of living in a location can influence the prices of services in the area. The same applies to limos and limo rental companies. Areas with a higher standard of living often attract higher limo rental prices compared to places with a lower standard of living.

There’s a higher chance that you’ll pay more to rent a limousine in an urban area than in a small town in a rural setting. So, you may need to consider your city or location when planning your limo rental budget. 

Limo Rental Add-Ons

Your limo rental prices may shoot up when you choose additional features and services as part of your package. For instance, an open bar experience may cost you more compared to enjoying the complimentary champagne that comes with the rental.

You may also spend more if you’re requesting a time extension other than was agreed or if you keep the limo driver waiting longer than the allotted time. Before hiring, all of these should be discussed in detail with your limo rental company.

You should ask about the add-on services they offer, penalties, rules and regulations, etc. You should also carefully read the hiring contract before signing on the dotted lines.

By Manali