Siding lends personality and charm to your home, not to mention that it protects your den against the elements. But, due to normal wear and tear or damage, you’ll at some point have to consider repairing or replacing your veneer siding. And truth be told, home improvement projects aren’t cheap. So, it’s only logical that you would look for a professional installer with a reasonable offer; thus, if you’re shopping around for Urbandale siding, visit this page to find a reputable siding installer and possibly snag a good deal.

While at it, it helps to know the cost of the siding. More specifically, how much is a square foot of siding? Generally, the type of siding material impacts price. Each material has its attributes. Plus, if we factor in labor costs, the price will likely increase significantly. In this write-up, we’ll delve deeper into siding material to see how it affects project cost.


The upfront cost of natural wood siding is between $2 and $6 per square foot. If we include installation costs, the price ranges from $10 to $18 per square foot. Average pricing (inclusive of installation) may vary depending on:

  • Scope of your project or its complexity.
  • The trim option you select or the grain of wood you use.
  • Location of your home- how far the contractor has to drive to access your property or ship materials.
  • Size of your home- the larger the home, the more material you’ll need, which increases costs.
  • Labor costs in your locality.

Wood is eco-friendly, making it ideal for homeowners looking for socially responsible siding options. It’s also easier to install and may be customized by painting or staining to give your exterior a tailored look. But, natural wood tends to be susceptible to rot when exposed to the elements. Besides, it’s prone to insect damage. Thus, if high precipitation or insect infestations are a problem in your area, wood siding may not work well for you.


Expect to part with about $4 per square foot of vinyl siding. It costs roughly between $7 and $10 per sq. ft. when installed. At that price point, it’s considered a low-cost option. In fact, most homeowners across the U.S. prefer vinyl over other materials. Why’s that the case?

For starters, vinyl is a versatile option, making it hard to beat. It’s also available in various colors or styles and is easy to clean, making maintenance a cinch. Plus, its constituent elements- a rugged plastic base and additives- make it resistant to fading and rotting. It also mimics the look of natural wood, giving your exterior a charming appearance.

If you opt for insulated vinyl, you’re likely to pay between $11 and $16- including installation. Typically, insulated vinyl has a foam board backing that provides additional insulation.

Fiber Cement 

Fiber cement goes for around $6 per square foot. Cost (including installation) ranges between $10 and $18 for fiber cement lap siding. If you opt for simulated shakes, costs start at $13 per square foot installed- depending on labor rates in your area. As you’ve noted, prices vary depending on the style you choose. 


Stucco siding costs between $5 to $9 per square foot. Made from cement, sand, and water, it’s a suitable option if you’re looking for a rugged yet earthy look for your external surfaces. If we factor in installation costs, you’re likely to pay between $11 and $19 per sq. ft., which is more or less a fair price range. Stucco’s main upsides are its versatility, fire resistance, and low maintenance.


If you’re considering replacing your siding with brick veneers, expect to pay roughly $9 per square foot. Installation costs may run between $5 and $10 per sq. ft. depending on your contractor and the type of brick siding you select- thick or thin. 


On average, stone veneer siding costs about $20 per square foot. You can choose between the natural and faux stone. The former is costlier, at between $25 and $45 per sq. foot installed as it’s labor-intensive, while the latter goes for around $18 to $25 –including installation. Stone veneer is apparently one of the most expensive options. 


Depending on the style and metal alloy used to construct the siding, metal veneers cost between $3 and $11 per square foot. For instance, zinc siding- including installation- costs roughly $16 per sq. ft. Alternatively, copper siding goes for between $17 and $26 per sq. foot, although this may vary depending on the profile or thickness of the material. 

You also have to factor in the layout of your home to determine the estimated cost of your project. If the contractor has to work around corners or trim, expect them to charge more. 

All in all, consult your contractor or siding expert to determine if you need to repair or replace your siding. They’ll also advise you on the ideal material for your area and provide more precise pricing information. If you live in Urbandale, you can check out RAM Roofing to learn more about the subject and how they can lend you a hand on your next siding project.

By Manali