InstaShop is an e-commerce platform allowing users to buy products directly from their favorite stores – supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, and more. It also provides a simple way to turn your Instagram account into a shopfront.

Alternatively, you can find out more about if you want a faster approach to growing a following. Anyway, here’s a tried-and-true strategy to draw more Instagram followers from InstaShop in 2022.

  1. Start the Right Conversations

The right conversations can easily promote engagement. To get more people interested in your store:

  • Start by becoming a conversation starter.
  • Use InstaShop’s tools to create exciting content that will get people talking.
  • Share behind-the-scenes photos or offer exclusive deals to your followers.

When you give people a reason to take notice, they’ll be more likely to visit your store and spread the word. And when they do, more doors will open.

  1. Promote User-generated Content

You can also attract an audience by promoting user-generated content (UGC). This is content your customers create, such as product reviews, photos, or videos. You can encourage UGC by hosting contests or offering incentives for customers to share details relating to your products. When you do so, you can improve your brand’s visibility on Instagram.

UGC is an excellent way to build social proof and add more authenticity to your brand. InstaShop lets you showcase user-generated content from Instagram. “How does that help my business,” you wonder. Well, it enhances visibility and helps you tap into new markets. As you promote UGC on an InstaShop page, ensure to:

  • Ask customers to post photos of themselves using your products and tagging your business in the caption
  • Repost user-generated content on your feed or story
  • Create and run contests that require customers to post photos with a specific hashtag (more details below).
  1. Integrate Your Feed

Make it easy for your followers to shop by integrating your Instagram feed on an InstaShop page. This allows them to browse and purchase the products they see in your posts without leaving Instagram.

For starters, the InstaShop app is a breeze to set up, not to mention its excellent layout. Once you’re done setting up, update your content. This may include photos of products from your Instagram accounts. You may also tag your products, making it easy for potential customers or followers to click and shop. And as you integrate your Instagram feed on an InstaShop page, ensure to take advantage of the content by:

  • Using high-quality visuals consistent with your brand identity: Feature bright, vibrant photos and videos that accurately reflect your aesthetic. Otherwise, visitors may see your page as unprofessional and be less likely to explore it further.
  • Including a call to action: A CTA could be anything from “Shop Now” to “Sign Up.” By having a clear CTA, you’re more likely to guide visitors to take the next step – to buy or follow you. On InstaShop, you can add a pin to pictures displayed on the app with information such as product price and your CTA. In turn, the pin links to your store or products.
  • Utilizing relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience: Hashtags are a great way to connect with new audiences. When you post photos on Instagram, use hashtags relevant to your products or services. That way, anyone searching for similar topics will come across your photos. For example, if you sell natural cosmetics, some hashtags you might use include #naturalcosmetics or #organiccosmetics
  • Posting interesting and engaging content: Nobody likes bland, uninspiring content. Go beyond the basics and post visuals that will make people want to double-tap.

Shopping tags are also a great way to turn your regular posts into product sales opportunities. When you use a shopping tag, Instagram shoppers can get more information about the products in your post and even buy them without leaving the app.

Plus, InstaShop allows customers to find products you’ve tagged on Instagram on your firm’s website. As a result, they can browse Instagram and then head to your website to buy – thereby going through a more straightforward process.

  1. Tap into Advanced Analytics

No matter the strategy you adopt, it helps to know how well you’re fairing, right? Well, that’s where analytics comes in. With InstaShop’s advanced analytics, you can tell which pictures are doing well across your multiple Instagram accounts.

Such insights let you channel your resources in the right direction by choosing images most likely to generate more leads and sales. When trying to attract an audience, especially a new one, this is one feature you cannot afford to ignore.

Ultimately, garnering an audience isn’t as hard as it may seem. All the same, I hope these pointers can help you create a solid Instagram following and take your brand to the next level.

By Manali