Refrigerator filters do a lot of heavy lifting: they get rid of impurities in our drinking water and improve its taste. Plus, some filters eliminate harmful chemicals, making water safer to drink. But, you periodically have to replace your refrigerator filter- usually every six months as experts recommend. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you can skip ahead and check out the water filters for the refrigerator here

Unfortunately, you might be stumped if you’re new to filter replacement. How do you figure out the right filter for your refrigerator, for starters? While it might initially seem like you have your work cut out, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Let me walk you through the process of identifying the right filter so that your choice is an easy one next time. 

By Filter Model

Fridge filters are not universal. Thus, a filter that fits a particular refrigerator may not work with yours. Plus, fridges feature diverse connection types, making a given filter compatible with only specific manufacturers or refrigerator models. So, as far as safeguarding your family’s health goes, you need to select the right replacement filter. 

First, remove your worn-out filter and check its model number- most filters have this number imprinted on them. Then, browse your favorite filter store, and use their filter finder tool to identify what you need. For instance, the Discount Filter Store has a nifty easy-to-use search function to streamline the process. Type your model number into the site’s search box and hit the enter button, and presto! The right filter is ready to buy.

By Fridge Model

As we’ve noted, the filter a fridge needs vary by model. Simply put, the filter you require depends on your refrigerator’s model. Most fridges have the model number posted on them. The model number’s sticker may be in the freezer compartment or on your refrigerator’s inner wall.

Sometimes, the lettering may be small, but you’ll find it all the same (your reading glasses might come in handy here). The model or serial number may also be at the back, lower left or right side, depending on the model- usually under the brand logo.

You can also check your owner’s manual to find the fridge’s model. But then again, it’s the first thing some people discard once they buy a fridge, right? Have you found the model number? Great. Next comes the easy part of locating the right replacement filter for your appliance. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, consider exploring online resources or consulting with experts for guidance on Affordable Appliance Repair services that can help you maintain your refrigerator without breaking the bank.

Type in your fridge’s model number in the designated search box- depending on the online tool you use. Then, you can check out a list of filters that best fit your refrigerator. You may opt for brand-name filters or generic lower-priced options. Also, you can select a filter depending on the level of purification you need. Generally, the more impurities a filter can eliminate, the higher the price.

By Brand

You may also figure out the filter you need by searching the refrigerator brand. Most common brands are usually displayed along with their logos. Once you’ve selected the brand, you’ll be directed to a page where you can identify your fridge’s door style. Some sites include an image of the door style, including bottom freezer, French 3 or 4-door, side-by-side, and top freezer.

Then, you’ll need to identify your filter’s location in the refrigerator from a list of provided drop-down options based on your earlier selections. Once you’ve made a selection, proceed to identify your filter’s removal method, including:

  • Twist to remove
  • Push-button
  • Eject and slide out
  • Swing out

While it may appear like an elaborate process, the idea is to help you make the best choice by narrowing down your options. You’ll be directed to the right water filter according to your selections. The last option involves buying the filter you need, and you’re on your way.

As you’ve realized, finding the filter you need isn’t rocket science. With some spare time, and provided you’re ready to do your homework, you can safeguard your family’s health by replacing your fridge’s filter.

And essentially, your needs will determine the filter you purchase. For instance, if you’re unsure about your water quality, it’s safer to opt for an accessory with greater filtering capabilities to get rid of contaminants.

If you’re looking for a low-priced and compatible alternative to a brand-name filter, the Discount Filter Store would be a great place to kick off your search. You may also contact the store if you need more help or if you can’t find the exact filter you’re after.

By Manali