Satta matka is a game that has no limit. You can bet and win as much as you want. There are hundreds of games available that you can choose and win from. Dpboss online is the best site if you are looking to start your matka carrier from scratch. It has all the features to make you experts and satta king. Without a community of thousands of gamers and hundreds of daily players this website is the best platform to showcase your matka skill. In today’s blog we are going to show you how to bet with the help of dpboss online. So stick to the last if you are new to this field.

Steps To Bet on Satta Matka

Download OS Gaming App

First visit our website Dpboss Online and on the homepage you will see the download link. Click on that link and download the OS gaming app on your mobile phone. Now, you must be wondering what this OS gaming app is. The answer to your question is simple, the OS gaming app is India’s largest betting platform on which you can play the famous matka games like Kalyan matka, 220 patti and so on. Not only satta matka games but in that app you can play games like live casino, slots and horse racing also. SO download it and enjoy the joy of games. 

Register On OS Gaming App

After you download the gaming app on your mobile phone, open it and register on it. Register on it by filling mandatory information details like name, valid email address and valid mobile number. In order to play the matka games it is important we do registration.  

Add Deposit

The next step after registering is to make a deposit into the account. It is necessary to make a deposit in order to wager on the game. Choose your preferred payment option and add the required minimum to the account. Play it smart when you deposit because each game has a distinct minimum requirement to begin.

Select the game according to Bazaar

Now to play the game it is important to understand the different bazaars. Mainly there are three bazaars available on our website and in each market there are different games. The first bazaar is Regular bazaar in that you can bet two times a day at a given time, one at the time of opening and one at the time of closing. The second bazaar is Starline bazaar in which a player can bet 12 times a day and then comes a king in which a player can bet one time a day only at opening.

Decide at what time you have to bet

As we say in the paragraph above, in some games you can bet two times a day. So select at what time you want to bet. Is it at opening, closing, on jodi or patti. Select the time that best suits you.

Place bets before hand

Now it is the important thing in which many people make mistakes. Place your bets 10-15 minutes before the window closes because when the window is closed you are not able to win that game. So 30 minutes choose the number you want to bet and 10-15 minutes before place the bets. The results will be declared at the end of the game.

You can Bet Randomly 

Now there are many ways you can use to choose your betting. If you want you can bet randomly by picking the random number but the chances of winning are very low or you can use tips and tricks such as satta calculation, jodi chart, panel chart, or matka guessing forum to accurately pick the number so that the chances of winning are high.

Visit Dpboss online for result

The results are declared at the end of the game and to see the live satta matka result visit our website dpboss online . The results that we show are accurate and you can rely on them anytime. On our website you can see past days, weeks, months and years results also. These results are very helpful in order to guess the future outcome. These are available for everyone for free and you can access them anytime anywhere.


In order to play the games it is important to have one trustworthy platform and the OS Gaming app is a 100% safe and secure platform to play the satta matka games. So visit our website and download the gaming app in order to play all the games. 

By Manali