A garage spring door can break due to many reasons. The most common reason is fatigue. Most springs are typically designed to last for about 10,000 cycles, which is approximately seven years if you use the door four times a day. The constant winding and unwinding of the spring put a strain on the metal spring. Another common reason for spring failure is corrosion and rust. Rust can get formed because of bad maintenance. The rust deposits can weaken the metal, resulting in a sudden failure. Replacing a garage door spring is no easy job. You can hire a company like Cactus Garage Door Repair to replace your garage door spring. They are a family-owned business that offers same-day service with competitive pricing.

Are our Garage Door Springs Dangerous to Replace?

It can be dangerous to replace garage door springs yourself. You will not know what can happen if the spring suddenly breaks and falls. Since the spring is continuously under tension, a sudden failure can lead to it breaking violently. And this sudden break can lead to serious injuries to anyone around.

Why Is Replacing Garage Spring Doors on your Own Dangerous?

There are various risks involved while replacing the door springs. 

Life-Threatening Injuries

The weight of the lightest garage door is about 130 pounds. The door springs help to handle that weight when the door moves. The coiled springs unwind and wind, storing and releasing energy. This entire movement needs to go on in a controlled manner. Energy is suddenly released when the door spring breaks. And this sudden release of energy can be hazardous. Being around a snapped or damaged spring can be extremely dangerous due to the springs and cables flying violently or the heavy garage door slamming down. 

Purchasing Wrong Springs

There are several spring types in the market. Two primary types are torsion springs and extension springs. You must know which spring your door uses before buying any. Torsion springs are situated on the head of the garage door opening. Extension springs, on the other hand, are situated on the horizontal track above. You must speak to a professional if you don’t see either of these springs. They can help you understand the type of spring system your door has based on the description. It is critical to identify the right type of spring before replacing it. You will end up spending twice the amount if you buy the wrong spring for your garage door.

Wrong Installation

Installations going wrong are another common problem when you try to replace garage door springs yourself. Proper installation of springs will guarantee good performance and will maximize the life of your garage door. Poorly installed parts will make your door unbalanced and will lead to faulty performance. An unbalanced garage door will drag on and put extra stress on other parts, leading to more failures. 


Garage doors have many moving parts. Since several parts move and hold the door’s weight, there are high chances of a part breaking or getting damaged. You must determine what is the exact problem with the door before you replace the spring. Misdiagnosing the problem can lead to injuries and additional expenses. 

Tips for Minimizing the Chances of a Door Spring Breaking

Safety is critical when it comes to garage doors. There are many ways in which you can minimize the chances of a garage door spring breaking. Some of them are listed below:

  • Get a professional to check and replace your springs regularly. Garage door springs are most dangerous when they are close to the end of their working life. Contact a reliable professional to check the springs and replace them if required.
  • Check the door cables. Ensure the steel cables that run on both sides of the door are free of excess rust and fraying.
  • Grease squeaky springs. Regular wear and tear can make the springs noisy. Lubricating the springs properly will reduce the squeaking noise and protect the springs from rust.
  • Ensure safety cables are in place. A metal safety cable should always run through the garage door spring. It should be anchored to the wall or ceiling at every end. This cable will prevent the spring from flying in different directions if it breaks.

Garage door springs can last anywhere between five to seven years if maintained properly. They don’t need to be replaced that often. However, when it is time to replace them, you must get professional help as doing it yourself can be extremely dangerous. Hiring the right technician to do the job will ensure everyone’s safety and will save you from unnecessary expenses as well.

By Manali