If business leaders possess the courage to take action this year, it is full with opportunities. For clarity, there is no crystal ball in the workplace.

We are at a time that we are getting ready to begin the second quarter. We’ve tried to understand the past two years and how we’ve adapted to these changes in the first quarter.

It is true that there remain a number of unanswered questions in this new world. The pandemic is far from over and the world continues to face some of the same problems as it did in 2021 but with a few more twists. Now, we are dipping our toes towards something that is more serious than the pandemic: the Ukraine conflict.

But, others think there are plenty of opportunities throughout the rest of the year.

1. The digital revolution is set to continue.

Covid-19 has been in the scene for just a few years, yet companies continue to demonstrate resilience and ingenuity, due in large part to their commitment to digitalization.

There are areas for improvement in all of them and that’s a good factor for workplaces. To counter a dramatic increase in threats, certain areas like cybersecurity can and should be automated. Other tasks require an additional personal touch. As we move towards automation, for instance my wish is that managers of companies would take a human-first view and automate their most employee-focused operations with care and with a purpose.

Although putting individuals first can be a strategy that can slow down certain factors of automation. It makes sure that the right procedures are properly automated at the beginning.

2. AI and humans will work in closer collaboration.

Many are still awestruck by, confused, and worried concerning artificial intelligence. People became more concerned after Google’s AlphaStar algorithm beat 99.8 per cent of best players around the world in the difficult game of strategy StarCraft II. A AI game that was able to win expert’s astonishment. (Congratulations on the 0.2 percent who beat robots!)

Commentators also provide constant streams with “robots are stealing your jobs” reports. Be calm, people. Artificial intelligence won’t dominate the world. In fact, AI is only as efficient as the information users provide regardless of how powerful or speedy it becomes. In the coming year, some think we’ll see greater adoption of AI within the business because more business leaders are aware of the importance of human-AI collaboration.

The employees will eventually benefit from this collaboration , since the fact is that humans are the ones to determine when and how managers can use AI to enhance their jobs.

3. Employees will be looking for — and are entitled to more.

The Great Resignation and ever-growing demand for improved working conditions, 2022 is going to be the one with “power to the people.” The organizations must enhance the emotional aspect of their digital workplace experience to stand out in the competitive talent market. People will be voting by their feet if organizations are unable to communicate with and motivate their employees. After all, why would you stay in a job that does not let you reach your maximum potential?

This is why, in addition to a good user interface and consumerization, companies should be able to create your digital journey more in line with their business — with a sense of connection and the need to serve. In addition corporate leaders must encourage their employees to boost productivityy.

Low-code solutions allow employees to resolve their problems and improve their working processes and improve their work. They are therefore essential for future employee experiences.

4. We’ll be alert to our surroundings at every work place.

The past few years have shown our children that, the further we become immersed in the world of technology and the more attention must pay to our surroundings. Do you think that the current supply chain is becoming stressed? Let us go into 2022 to see what will happen. The possibilities are limitless. We’re stretched further than ever before in terms of logistics and inventory, and things are increasing in severity because of the ongoing shortage of labor.

There is a lot of talk about digital change, which is vital however, we need to be aware our place in the world as a real and valuable planet. The constant climate crisis makes us aware that our actions can have wide-ranging consequences and we must strive to make a difference on the planet. The most vital and final prediction of the future.

5. ESG will be the subject of discussion in the workplace of the C-suite.

Environmental, social as well as governance (ESG) issues have become more pressing in the business world. In 2022, executives in the C-suite will prioritise the need to protect and preserve the planet and its inhabitants prior to giving promises to ESG. It’s possible that we have full control over the digital environment we’ve created, however, it will not mean anything till we’ve got a well-functioning world and a functioning civilization that can keep it.

People change due to things other than compassionSometimes, change must be demanded to get people to make the decision to act in the best way. A carefully thought-out ESG strategy is now becoming evident as a critical business requirement. Consumers, boards, and the new generations of staff are looking at the leaders of their companies and. We are all conscious that they are in an ecological and social crossroads.

Gen Z is particularly interested about where potential employers stand on social, environmental, and corporate (ESG) issues. That makes it more crucial for companies that are competing for candidates to be aware. As corporations must be ready in order to compete, we can also reduce the carbon footprint of our lives by committing to a net zero carbon footprint.

It’s that simple. the matter.

The world has seen a significant shift in the past couple of years, and we’re optimistic to think that 2022 could be a pivotal year in our perceptions of technology, work and the environment as an entire.

Although it might be a bit scary to be facing the remainder of 2022 with Russian/Ukraine questions that are affecting our thinkingit appears that the most promising potential is to look towards the future.

By Manali