Are you into styling NBA jerseys?

Well, you don’t need to style them. You can just wear them to the matches and feel fabulous. This must have crossed your mind after reading the title, right? But what if we tell you that you can style the jerseys without going over the top?

You don’t need to keep the jerseys stacked in the corner and bring them out only for a match or special occasions. Gone are the days when jerseys were only associated with games at the stadium worn by fans to show support for their team.

Today, every age group and gender wears jerseys as a fashion statement.

When to Wear an NBA Jersey?

The most simple and short answer to this question is- at every chance you get. You can wear it to the stadium, the sports bar, or while watching a game at your friend’s place.

Is there no right or wrong time to show your support for your favourite team?

You can wear the jerseys daily if your style is athleisure or athletic. For any casual outing, you can sport your jersey.

Athleisure styles are growing in demand because it’s super comfortable. Athleisure can take you anywhere, whether you are out with your friends, travelling, or working out. Because they are functional and comfortable, more fashion and sports brands are introducing athleisure clothing ranges.

This has given the jersey fashion statement an edge.

How to Style NBA Jerseys?

Because of their vibrant colours, NBA journeys become the focus of the look. And this is how it should be.

When you plan your look, try to think of the other elements as only complementary to the jersey. Let the jersey stand out.

You can plan the jersey as part of your streetwear look. Keeping this in mind, here are a few tips to help you create an outstanding style.

  • Casual jackets like bomber jackets, puffers, and varsity jackets go well with jerseys. Pick the colour You do not want to look like a Christmas tree.

If the jersey is in a dark colour, try to pick lighter shades for the jacket. Also, do not mix warm with cool shades.

  • If it’s too hot to wear a jacket, you can layer your look with a shirt. Pick a casual shirt to layer on top of your jersey. Be very particular about the colour. This look can be challenging to pull off for many.
  • Pair the jerseys with jeans. Distressed denim, in particular, completes the perfect street style. You can wear any type of denim as bottoms. Go for a baggy or skinny fit; pairing denim with jerseys can never go wrong. Try to avoid cargos and chinos.


According to Andrew D. Lecke, a style editor at Esquire Digital, “You don’t have to be athletic to like sports—and you don’t have to be athletic to look good. Sports jerseys in fashion, to me, represent embracing the world. They also speak to street culture’s ongoing influence on fashion, which should not be overlooked.”

We have seen NBA jerseys at the ramp. Prominent fashion shows have proudly shown off jerseys in menswear collections. It’s time to get your hands on the most popular jerseys. You can access a vast collection of NBA jerseys online. You must pick your favourite team and prepare to flaunt the jersey everywhere you go.

By Manali