Life after stoma surgery can be challenging, and overwhelming at the same time. This surgery involves the creation of a small opening on the abdomen for the passage of feces or urine.

You need to know that it might take some time to get used to living with the stoma bag or pouch, but don’t be worried. By the way, check out this modern ostomy neoprene belt.

What are the Things to Know about Life after Stoma Surgery?

  • Recovery Time

To fully recover from stoma surgery, it takes about 8 weeks. So, before that time, you may not be able to resume your normal routine. You need not feel bad about this. What you need is adequate rest. Though this is not to say you will remain in bed all day, you also need to be mobile.

  • Emotional Stress

After the surgery, you can get emotional about your reality. Passing your body wastes through the abdomen is a concern, especially if it’s a permanent stoma. It will be beneficial if you interact with people that are going through the same condition as yours. Talk about your fears and concerns with them, or with the loving people around you.

  • Social Implication

Before this surgery, you wear the clothes of your choice. It wouldn’t be so again after the surgery, in as much as you need to wear the stoma bag. Because this may require you to make specific choices of wear to accommodate the bag. You can feel self-conscious about it, but don’t let it affect your self-confidence.

  • Physical Stress

It is normal if you feel tired after the surgery, due to the big changes in your body and lifestyle. The stress of changing and replacing the stoma bag, cleaning up, using medications, and paying attention to the stoma can be daunting. Whenever you feel tired, please, take a rest.

  • Dependent Decision Making

After the stoma surgery, you should consult your doctor or nurse whenever you want to decide about participating in physical activities. Your participation in sports, driving, going back to work, and others depend on your nurse or doctor’s recommendations. So make sure to consult them before making your decisions, to avoid complications.

  • Hygiene

You may find it challenging with the smell that comes from the stoma bag or pouch. When you see that your bag is one-third full, make sure to empty it. Also, replace the bag as and when due. Do this to reduce the smell coming from the bag. In all you do, consult your nurse or doctor.

  • Your Diet can be affected

After the surgery, you may be restricted to some kinds of food by your dietitian to speed up your recovery. You will have to take sufficient water, fruits, vegetables, animal proteins, and so on. Make sure you eat and drink regularly.

  • Regular Monitoring

Once you are done with the surgery, you will have to pay more attention to your health. If you notice any change that takes place in the stoma or your body, consult your doctor immediately.

By Manali