Getting marijuana delivered discreetly to your door has become increasingly vital in recent years. Suppose you require medicinal marijuana but live too far from a dispensary. In that case, you can get it delivered to your door with a bit of help from a mail order. Marijuana delivery offers convenience and security to recreational users.

But before you go ahead and complete your purchase on any random site, you should learn which marijuana dealers can be trusted and which can’t. Some fraudulent marijuana businesses pass themselves off as genuine dispensaries, so you must take precautions to avoid being scammed out of your money and supplied with low-quality marijuana.

In addition, it is vital to protect your personal information by only purchasing from reputable, locally-owned businesses that have earned a solid reputation for excellent customer service. However, how can one differentiate between a genuine and a fake online marijuana delivery store?

The Four Telltale Indicators That an Online Drug Store Is Authentic

Sites belonging to legitimate head shops tend to be sleek and polished.

Websites for legal cannabis dispensaries selling online need to do more than just list their products. They need to convey a sense of pride in their work to customers. Contrarily, illegal cannabis is more likely to be sold by fly-by-night operations through sloppy websites full of spelling and grammatical errors, low-quality images, and confusing menus. ‍

Secure payment options are only available from authorized sellers.

At checkout, a legitimate website should only accept payment via a credit card, PayPal, debit card, or another trusted payment system. You should immediately exit the page whenever a website demands payment through an electronic transfer or cryptocurrency.

Dispensaries that have been granted a license are very careful to check IDs.

Each customer’s age must be checked before they may purchase from an online headshop. An obvious red flag is the absence of an age verification popup when entering the site. In all likelihood, this is a dishonest reefer vendor you’re dealing with. ‍

Authorized Dealers Provide Guaranteed Quality Products.

In states where medical or recreational marijuana sales are permitted, each package of cannabis is sealed with an excise stamp during marijuana delivery. Because of this, you can rest assured that your sweet leaf was grown and harvested under the strictest of protocols and without adding any unwanted additives. Also, it guarantees reliable labeling of THC content. Check for this seal before finalizing the deal.

The Four Absolute Surefire Ways to Tell an Online Headshop Is a Scam

Shady pot dealers make unreliable delivery guarantees.

Shipping anywhere in Canada, of course. Wrong! An unlicensed dealer is the one who offers to ship your weed candy canada to another state. Rules in this area are fairly stringent. If you want to stay on the right side of the law, it’s best to go with a reputable business with all the proper documentation.

Suspiciously low prices are a telltale sign of a bootleg operation.

If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Disreputable internet cannabis markets often undercut law-abiding retailers. Indeed, there are places you can save money, but at what cost? What you’re getting and from whom is entirely unknown.

Unauthorized online marijuana stores use inaccessible contact details.

To verify that a cannabis dispensary is legitimate, look for a company email address listed on the site rather than a personal Hotmail account. If you phone a store and get a text message back, it’s quite likely that you’re dealing with an illegal enterprise.

It is not uncommon for fake boutiques to have murky policies.

Most people are guilty of clicking that “I agree” button without first reading the fine print. Make sure the online dispensary you’re considering has a clear return policy and privacy statement before you spend any money there.

By Manali