Your plumbing pipes should not be noisy. There are several factors responsible for your plumbing pipes making so much noise. Frequent unnecessary noises coming from your plumbing pipes may be a cause for concern. Let’s get into the top reasons why your plumbing pipes are making so much noise and their solutions. By the way, if you’re in Caringbah, get the leading Caringbah plumbers here.

  • Water Hammer 

One of the most common reasons why you have noisy pipes is a water hammer. Water hammer happens because the valve is always closed promptly. The force from the sudden lock is what causes a water hammer. Hammering can increase because after some years, the air in the vertical riser is lost and the supporting effect is gone. 

  • Solution To Water Hammering 

To resolve the issue of water hammering, you can turn off the whole building’s water supply. Then open all the faucets and drain the whole house from the lowest faucet. This will resolve it because air will now be pushed into the riser to stop any hammering from happening again. 

  • Loose Pipes 

Another top reason why your plumbing pipes make noises are loose pipes under the house. When flushed water moves at high speed, it can cause your plumbing pipes to sway and cause a rattling effect. 

  • Solution To Loose Pipes 

To resolve loose pipes under the house, all you may need is stabilization. You may crawl under your house with a flashlight and tell someone else to flush at the same time. This will help you find the source of all the noise. 

  • Water Pressure 

High water pressure being high is another reason why your plumbing pipes are making noises. When the pressure is too high for your pipes, your pipes start to shake and vibrate. You may even hear a humming sound from your plumbing pipes. You may most likely experience this if your plumbing system draws on we’ll water. 

  • Solution To High Water Pressure

You should check your water tank and adjust your water pressure meter and set it to around 55 PSI. If you do not have direct access to your water pressure meter, you should contact a professional plumber to have it checked. 

  • Your Main Shut Off Valve 

Another common reason why your plumbing pipes make noises may be due to the main shut-off valve or even the water pressure regulator. 

  • Solution To Fix Main House Valve 

You may try to shut off the water at the main street valve. Now you can fix the main shut-off valve in your home. 

  • Toilet 

This is another reason for noisy plumbing pipes in your home. When you hear noises coming from the end of the fill cycles in your toilet, your ballcock assembly may be weak. 

  • Solutions For Toilets 

You may need to just repair your ballcock or have it replaced with a better one. 

Noisy pipes can be very annoying. Luckily, all these problems can be fixed on your own. If you realize you may need help, later on, you may have to call a professional plumber to have it fixed.

By Manali