There are various methods of inspiring creativity, both with technology and without it. Allowing your creative side to expand can open many opportunities, such as increasing your problem solving skills, having additional conversation topics, and seeing the world from new perspectives (not to mention improving patience). How a person’s mind works shapes what they will be good at; however, it is a good idea to try as many different approaches as possible, regardless of age and ability, as there is enjoyment and pleasure to be found. You may even find that there is a hidden talent just waiting to be unleashed, which could take your mind and even your career into a totally different but very rewarding journey. 

The art of Legos

Although Legos started off as building blocks, nowadays, you can purchase kits to make all kinds of different models. These models range from cars and spaceships that appear in world-famous films to famous landmarks and buildings. With over 19799 Lego kits being released (as stated by, a Lego set database), there is something for everyone. This could be why there are now so many adult fans of Lego (AFOLs). One such person is the CEO of 1-800 Accountant, Michael Savage New Canaan. Michael Savage New Canaan resident, has been an avid collector builder of Legos as it helps him relax and unwind when building kits. Of course, the other area where he finds enjoyment is in sourcing and finding kits to complete his collection.

This is something that you or your kids could also get enjoyment from, although you should check the manufacturer’s age guide marked on the box before giving these products to a child. Some kits are aimed more at adults as they have small pieces or are very intricate and difficult to assemble. 

Using air dry clay

If you are thinking about something a bit more tactile to express yourself, then look no further than air dry clay. With this versatile product, you will not need a kiln to have your artwork set hard; you can also paint or varnish your finished article. Air-dry clay tends to come in two very distinctive colors, natural clay and white, and can be worked, shaped, and manipulated easily.

If you have young children, this, again, may not be the product for them, but there is a product on the market where they, too, can get creative. This product is Play-Doh. Play-Doh can also be set hard to maintain the design that it has been molded into and has the benefit of being produced in an array of bright, welcoming colors, so there is no need to get messy with paints or varnish. 

The conventional way of using pencil and paper

Of course, you can go totally old school and opt to use the traditional HB pencil and stack of paper. This can invariably be fun and creative, but it can also be a bit boring. To move into more advanced drawing skills, you can, of course, include other softer leaded pencils or even invest in colored pencils to brighten up your work.

Taking this one step further, there is the option of purchasing coloring books for both kids and more intricate ones for adults. Adult coloring books became a multi-million dollar trend a few years ago and are still popular today. A mixture of traditional coloring pencils and some painting pencils will give you outstanding results and may ignite the desire to get compiling your own coloring book.

Using your creative time to be productive

Undoubtedly, there are other ways in which you can show your creative side that will provide a functional and productive use of your time, and this is in needlework. Making useable items such as cushion covers, throws, storage bags, or even clothes could inspire you to design pieces yourself to make. Of course, it is a good idea to get some practice in first, and if you are choosing to hand sew everything, you will need to be patient with yourself and realistic with your capabilities. 

The fastest and possibly the most enjoyable method of needlework is with the use of a sewing machine. If you haven’t got one, be sure to purchase a quality machine, but don’t go overboard with additional features. This is because you will most certainly be paying for them, and if you feel after trying sewing that it is not for you, then it will be money you cannot recoup. Instead, start with a basic sewing machine, and if you decide you like it and want to do more, then perhaps look into purchasing a more creative machine. 

Sewing is a great way of using up odds and ends of material or recycling old unwanted clothing. This is because it can be restyled or chopped up to make material scrapes that can be used in other sewing projects such as cushion covers, quilted throws, or even types of rag rugs.

Using technology

Turning more to the technical age of creativity, you will find that there are so many different methods of getting drawings and designs onto your computer, from the common tablet through to dedicated design software that has been composed for professionals to use in their day-to-day job roles. This has grown in popularity to become a billion-dollar industry. It can be really fun to explore and provide you with the freedom to change your mind, save bits and pieces or even replicate areas you have already finished. You can add depth to your designs by layering them and editing them with a multitude of different effects until you find one that you are happy with. 

Some of these tablets and software packages are good for kids to play with, but again you should check the age suggestions on the manufacturer’s packaging before handing them over to a child.

Inspiring creativity of the mind

Creativity traditionally centers around creating something with your hands, but you shouldn’t forget that there is a lot of creativity held in the mind that can be used in language. Writing stories or poetry, for instance, is highly creative; those that are inspired to write are not limited to using a pen and paper or even a keyboard. There is the option of dictating into a voice recording device such as a Dictaphone or software uploaded to your cellphone

However, there is now also the possibility of voice-to-text. This is particularly handy if you are slow at typing, don’t know how to type, or are unable to, as it means that your stories can still be written and read by others. However, you should make sure to read what you have written as you may find that certain words are misheard and, therefore, will change your meaning or the flow of the story in front of you.

A few final thoughts 

It is never too late in life to have a go at a bit of creativity, and you should certainly encourage your kids to have a go as well. Getting your hands mucky and finding out where your creative skills lie can be fun and exciting, especially if you find that you have a real gift that you could turn into an additional income. 

More importantly, it can give you something relaxing and fun to look forward to while you are at work or having a particularly stressful moment. Providing that fundamental break can do wonders for your mind and your mood.

By Manali