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Why Do People Hire Private Investigators?

People hire private investigators for both personal and commercial reasons. Some of them are given below:

Personal Reasons

People hire private investigators to resolve personal problems and issues. Common personal reasons why people will hire private investigators to include:

Matrimonial Reasons and Infidelity

Hiring a private investigator to investigate a personal relationship is never easy. However, this is one of the most common reasons for hiring an investigator. In most cases, people suspect their spouse or partner of infidelity and hence, hire investigators to collect evidence. Investigating personal relationships usually requires undercover surveillance as well as mobile and technical surveillance. The investigator may fit discreet devices to record intimate interactions and conversations. They may also recover evidence of assets held, cohabitation claims, and financial information for divorce proceedings. 

Child Custody

Child custody claims are another reason why you may hire a private investigator. You may not trust how your spouse or partner treats your child, so you may want to investigate them. The investigator will collect evidence while being discreet and safeguarding policies.

Background Checks

The need for conducting background checks has grown tremendously with the rise of online dating. Individuals want to check if someone is being honest and their true self before getting into a relationship. Some others want to ensure that their potential partner is financially secure. Background checks can also help prove or disprove strange behaviors in relationships and protect you from people with a criminal history. The private investigator will conduct thorough background checks and collect all evidence that you need to back your decision.


Sometimes, when a loved one dies, the last will can cause rifts between families. A private investigator can check the circumstances around the drafting and signature of the will in such situations. They can investigate the location of people involved to provide clarity on the process. They will collect as much evidence as possible to support a claim and bring the property disputes to resolution.

To Track Missing People

Tracking missing people is another common reason for hiring a private investigator. While missing person cases are handled by the police, individuals hire private investigators when they are dissatisfied with the work done by the police in finding their loved ones. The investigator will be totally discreet with their surveillance and use various tools to identify the individuals’ whereabouts. 

Close Protection Services and Stalking

You can hire a private detective if you feel someone is stalking or following you. This can be extremely scary, and in some cases, you may have to get the police involved as well. Many investigation agencies may offer counter surveillance to trace and identify the stalker as well. 

Close protection services include hiring a security team or bodyguard to help protect an individual’s or family’s safety. Usually, these bodyguards are also private investigators with a police or military background. They are trained to physically protect their clients from harm. You may need close protection services for the following situations:

  • Protection in hostile environments
  • Child protection
  • Protection under indirect or direct threats
  • Corporate asset protection
  • Stalking cases

Commercial Reasons

Private investigators not only help you resolve personal issues but also help large and small corporations and businesses. Businesses typically need private investigators to collect evidence of crimes. There are various ways in which a private investigator can help commercial establishments, including:

Cyber Crime

Cybercrime is one of the primary reasons why corporations investigate security breaches. Private investigators can help large corporations investigate cybercrime issues. They help prevent attacks and use their digital expertise to track and trace hackers. They help large corporations prevent corporate data theft, blackmail, extortion, and professional network hacking.

Fraud Investigations

Private investigators can help you investigate and prevent fraud cases as well. If you suspect anyone of being dishonest or disloyal, you can hire an investigator to get to the root of the matter. These investigators will review your employees. Some of them will be from corporate backgrounds themselves and will be well-trained to identify irregularities. They will use the latest technologies and surveillance to create a portfolio of evidence. 

Sweeping for Bugs

Businesses and corporations are often targets of espionage. Private investigators conduct thorough bug sweeps to ensure your information remains private. 

Process Serving

Private investigators may be hired by law firms to deliver documents to defendants. These investigators will inform the individual that they are in the process of a legal case. Sometimes, tracking people who need to be served can take time. An investigator has the right technology and tools to find the person and serve the documents promptly. If you want to hire an investigator for process serving, you should hire one with prior legal experience so that they understand the procedure. 

To Investigate Workplace Violence and Harassment

You will have to provide solid proof if you want to accuse a co-worker of harassing you at the workplace. Hiring a private investigator at such times can be beneficial to get the proof. 

Insurance Claim Investigations

Insurance fraud is a major problem nowadays. Insurance providers are always looking for different ways to catch fraudsters. But to catch and punish the fraudsters, the company will require proof. A private investigator can investigate the person the company is suspicious about and collect evidence to prove their claim.

Embezzlement and Corporate Fraud

Companies and large business organizations lose out due to fraud and embezzlement of funds every year. Both these crimes are usually difficult to investigate. Private investigators who investigate such cases have the skills and experience needed to identify who is embezzling from your company. For instance, the investigator may use handwriting analysis to confirm if a person was involved in the fraud. They will also use forensic methods and digital tools to identify the culprit. 

Whatever your reason for hiring a private investigator, you should ensure they are reputable, experienced, and well-trained in the investigation methods. My Denver PI is a private investigating firm that offers background checks, surveillance, child abuse, and infidelity investigations.

By Manali