Landscape contractors like Peters’ Patio & Landscape, Inc. | Landscaping Rochester, MN, helps with creating or refurbishing outdoor spaces. Some of the activities they carry out to achieve this includes planting flowers, shrubs, trees, or lawns. These experts offer services to both residential and commercial customers. Explained below are other essential services carried out by these experts: 

Yardscape Design Services

Landscape contractors offer clients useful advice on the kind of landscaping that would meet their needs. So if you can’t handle your landscape planning as a home or business owner, you can reach out to a landscape contractor. Once you book the services of a landscape contractor, they’ll discuss ideal ways to use the landscape area while still putting your preferences into consideration.

Construction Work 

Landscape contractors carry out foundational work like installing irrigation systems or laying drainage. Sometimes, a landscape contractor could reshape the landscape with terraces or slopes. In fact, they can also make special features, like fountains, rock gardens, ornamental gardens, ponds, and other areas of landscape construction. These contractors can also erect fences, build patios, and erect structures like decks or sheds. 

Planting Services

Planting is one of the major services offered by the landscape. They can make natural features with shrubs, architectural plants, and trees. They can lay and reshape lawns or create new planting areas by moving existing plants or reworking the soil. To ensure the landscapes they create last long, contractors also offer landscape maintenance programs.

Different Categories Of Landscape Contractors

Landscape Architects

This category of landscape architects are trained professionals who are well versed in code enforcement, engineering, horticulture, and other categories of outdoor property management. For anyone to qualify to be a landscape architect, they must excel in a rigorous certification exam.

Landscape Designers

These experts assist both home and business owners in creating attractive outdoor spaces. However, they can’t call themselves landscape architects because they’re not well versed in drainage, stormwater management, and other planning that need local code approval. Still, they can be referred to by the name landscape contractors and can earn the Landscape Industry Certified Technician designation, which is offered by the Landscape Contractors Association.

How To Hire A Landscape Contractor

Know What You Want

The first step to hiring a landscape contractor is knowing what you want. Since landscaping professionals offer various services, you need to determine if you require a maintenance or full-service landscape company. When doing this, it’s important to put the scale of your landscape project into consideration. When you know the type of landscape company you need, it’ll be easier to find them.

Do Your Research

Even after knowing the kind of services you need, it’s still important to do research on the best landscape contractors near you. You can begin by reading reviews from trustworthy sources. For starters, an ideal landscape contractor should have a license and current insurance coverage. Moreso, they should have a long list of customers who have written good reviews about them. 

Seek Referrals

As important as it is to do research on the best landscape contractors near you. It’s highly recommended to seek referrals from family and friends. When doing this, it’s important to pay special attention to family and friends who recently got landscaping services. Another great place to get leads is local online community boards. The most important thing is to ensure you get a referral from a reliable source.

Interview Your Preferred Landscape Contractor

Once you know your preferred choice of a landscape contractor, the next step is to schedule an interview. Either through a phone call, email, or physical meeting, you should make arrangements to ask them questions about their services personally. Some of the questions you can ask them are if they can share pictures of their previously completed project, how much their service cost, and how long it’ll take them to complete the project.

Get An Estimate

Once you know the duration of time it’ll take a landscape contractor to complete your project, and you’re fine with it, the next step is to request an estimate. This estimate will include the cost of equipment needed for your project and the service charge. Before preparing the estimate, the landscape contractor would come to your home to examine the project.

After getting an estimate, the next step is to decide what day you want your landscape installation to take place. However, you should ensure your landscape contractor is excellent with it so there won’t be any issues.

By Manali