CBD users are not new to the frustrating experience of shopping at a CBD store, only to discover during checkout that their preferred mode of payment is not accepted. Smoke Post CBD Dispensary is eager to ensure clients never undergo such an experience. The store accepts a wide variety of payments. The only form of payment not acceptable are checks and cryptocurrency.

This article will list and discuss the various acceptable payment methods to ensure you come prepared for checkout. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to choose the most convenient and affordable option.


Cash remains the most widely available method of direct payment. Smokepost dispensary accepts cash amongst other payment methods listed below. While cash is often convenient for clients, business owners prefer other payment methods over cash for various reasons. While cash has the simple advantages of being universally acceptable and not subject to any processing fees that will increase your final bill, it has several disadvantages for both seller and buyer.

The most notable is that cash is only acceptable for in-person shopping and cannot be used for online delivery or shipping orders. Cash buyers are limited by the amount of cash on their person and have to stick out their budget even when they need to buy additional products. You may pay a higher price when buying in cash than buyers who use cashless methods for various reasons. Physical cash at CBD stores presents security and logistical challenges not posed by cashless transactions. Cash payments are more prone to errors of false change, overcharging, or undercharging than electronic payments. Employees handling thousands of dollars are likely to make a few mistakes. Managers will have to pore over the books at the end of the day to ensure all transactions balance.

Credit and Debit Cards

Unlike Smokepost, most CBD shops do not accept credit or debit card payments due to the complex laws around the legality of marijuana. Federal law forbids payment processing companies like AMEX, Mastercard, and Visa from serving marijuana businesses. Some stores have taken on considerable risk to find ways to allow their clients to pay using credit and debit cards because statistics prove that most consumers prefer these cashless methods.

Consumers and dispensary owners can take heart that an enormous amount of pressure is being applied to the federal government to soften its stance on cannabis. In the meantime, businesses that want to offer their consumers a choice partner with cannabis payment processing firms that operate in a legal gray area that could expose their income and business to legal risks. You can expect the federal legalization of cannabis sooner rather than later because Uncle Sam wants his share of the cannabis gold rush that thus far has been exclusively mined by the states. When you pay via credit or debit card, you are likely to be charged considerable processing fees because your payment will need to be processed by a third party that your card company is legally allowed to deal with.

ACH Payments (like Apple Pay and Android Pay)

Apple Pay and Android Pay are among the most popular options for dispensaries seeking to avoid having large amounts of cash on the premises but aren’t ready to take the legal risks when accepting credit card and debit card payments. These apps (like PayPal and Venmo) rely on Automated Clearing House (ACH) technology to transfer money between banks without relying on cards, checks, or wire transfers.

This method has numerous advantages for the seller and buyer because it allows them to verify that the funds exist immediately after completing the transaction. Even better, it is very affordable because the funds are transferred directly from the client’s to the business’ account quickly, securely, simple, reliable, and legally. Needless to say, ACH payments are the most preferred means of payment for cannabis products. All you will need to do is download Apple Pay or Android Pay on your phone and scan the QR code at our point of sale to pay quickly and securely.

Whether you are shopping online or in person, it is advisable to research the acceptable payment methods to avoid disappointment during checkout. Where a store offers various modes of payment that you are comfortable using, ensure you inquire about the cheapest and most convenient payment method. By doing some simple due diligence, you will be surprised how much money you will save on payment processing fees over several purchases.

By Manali