Beautiful-looking lawns don’t just appear out of thin air. They are a result of several amounts of time, energy, and money. While you can always contact professional lawn care in Davidson, NC, to help your lawn achieve that breathtaking appearance, you also have a role in ensuring that your yard stays pretty all year long. 

Suppose you have a lawn and you want it to look healthy and colorful, and you are wondering, what should I be putting on my lawn right now? This article is for you! Summer is just around the corner, and there is no better time to invest in a lawn than now. 

Meanwhile, listed below are some things you should be putting on or doing to your lawn right now. 


Fertilizers are essential for growing a healthy and beautiful lawn because the soil cannot provide all the nutrients your grass needs throughout its growing season. The type of fertilizers you use and the application rate depends on grass type and the season. Warm-season grasses are best fertilized during spring. Cool-season grasses, on the hand, are best fertilized in fall just before the winter, and they can also be fertilized lightly early in spring. 


Weeds are always there to stunt your grass’s growth, hence, the need for their removal. You can remove small weeds by hand. However, if the weeds are more than you can handle, choose a herbicide that will only target these unwanted plants and not the grasses. 


Grasses need oxygen as much as they need water to grow. Aerating your lawn is mostly done by creating holes in the soil to allow air to penetrate the soil properly. Aeration can also improve soil drainage, causing water and nutrients to get to the plants faster. 

Water Deeply

If you hope to achieve that lush green, golf-course kind of lawn, you should deeply water your yard. Deep watering twice a week can produce more results than shallow watering every day. The water should reach about 4-6 inches deep into the soil. You can always use a screwdriver to check the depth of the water in the ground as you water. 

Timely Seeding 

Every lawn owner knows that seeding is vital to maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn. However, seeding must be done at the right time to maximize its result. So if you are seeding to fill up patches on your property or perhaps thicken the entire lawn, you would want to do that in early springs for a more successful outcome. Autumn/fall is also an excellent time for seeding as young grasses get to establish their roots before the harsh winter hits, and by spring, they already have a head start. 

Morning Water 

One of the best things for your lawn is to water it in the morning, especially during summers. The grass needs as much water as possible during this hot season to maintain its lushness. Anything between 6 is and 11 am is the ideal time to water your lawn as it allows your grasses to drink enough water before the sun comes up. Turning on your sprinkler in the middle of the day is a lost cause as the water evaporates due to heat before the plants get to drink it. 

Let The Grasses Grow A Little Longer

Contrary to many beliefs, mowing high during summers is suitable for your lawn. As you let your grasses grow taller, they begin to grow deeper roots that allow them to reach water deep in the soil. Tall grasses also serve as shades to the soil, helping them retain moisture and coolness during the hot season. So, letting your grass grow a little longer before mowing helps protect your soil and lets you save more on water bills. 

Reduce parking on the lawn

Grasses are dormant during winter and may not have their usual lushness. During this season, it is essential to protect the grass’s crowns and the overall health of your lawn by reducing traffic in that region. You should altogether avoid parking on your lawn and reduce walking on them.

Above all, the best thing you can do for your lawn is understand it. If you know your lawn, you will know the best practices to help you achieve a beautiful-looking yard. Most yard owners navigate their lawn care with a lot of guesswork, and this ought not to be so. If you are finding it difficult to know what your soil and grasses need, you can always reach out to professional lawn care or landscaping service for consultation.

By Manali