Bubble Cash is considered to be a relaxing bubble shooter game that gives you the chance to win actual cash by competing against other people. You can find many mobile gaming apps that are usually helpful when it comes to relaxing and passing the time. Besides, you can also find online games that pay real money while having fun. 

These types of apps are often available on popular mobile devices, making it easy to use your phone and compete for prizes and cash in your spare time. And, Bubble Cash allows you to compete in real-cash tournaments against other people to see the player who can achieve the highest score by shooting and matching bubbles. This is a simple game that offers you real cash prizes. This post discusses why you should play Bubble Cash. 

Bubble Cash 

Bubble Cash is simply a gaming app that you can find on the App Store that is for compatible iOS devices. Keep in mind that this game is a skilled-based pop shooter and a bubble shooter game. This means that the game can involve some sort of popping or shooting bubbles on the screen so that you may earn points as well as increase your score.

Papaya Gaming Ltd created Bubble Cash, which is a mobile game developer. Besides Solitaire Cash and Bingo Cash, Bubble Cash is one of the company’s most popular mobile games. You should note that all of these developer’s apps give you the chance to win real cash through cash tournaments. 

Bubble Cash can offer you both paid and free game modes. Bubble shooters usually give you the opportunity to pop or shoot bubbles to earn points. You need to compete against another person in a tournament to win gems, cash, or the in-game currency. As you can see, this is the simplest way you can earn cash by playing video games.

The gameplay is also quite straightforward. You need to begin with a board of various colored bubbles and you utilize your finger to shoot bubbles that are on the board. And, if you manage to shoot three or more same colored bubbles, they fall off the board. As a result, this can lead to other attached bubbles to also fall off the board. Ideally, you want to clear the bubbles off the board or at least ensure that you get the highest score before the time runs out. 

The game also can also start you off with three hearts. Therefore, if you manage to shoot a bubble but your shot fails to clear anything, then you may lose a heart. But you cannot lose a heart when your shot clears a bubble from the board. And, if you lose the three hearts and take a shot that doesn’t clear any bubbles, then the game can add a row of bubbles onto the board and give you three more hearts. 

Also, Bubble Cash can display the color of the bubble that you want to shoot as well as of the next bubble that can come up to assist you to strategize your shots. Any bubbles you shoot may also be bounced off the board’s sides to offer you different angles. But a bubble can stop bouncing when it contacts another bubble.

The score you achieve can be calculated by clearing the board, clearing bubbles, and the amount of time that remains when you clear the board. Also, the different game modes often put you in a different tournament to play against several players. In most cases, the top three players who have high scores may win prizes. Therefore, you need to check the leaderboard after each game to see how other players scored. 

Game modes for Bubble Cash

Bubble cash has gems game mode which is the game mode that needs you to have gems to play and it offers gems as prizes. Therefore, you earn gems by winning games, watching videos, collecting daily rewards, and many more.  

There is also freeroll game mode where you can utilize gems to play games and earn cash prizes. With the limited time game mode, they tend to appear and disappear after a specific amount of time. These are usually paid games that give cash prizes, though you need to have a cash balance to play. 

There are also paid games modes that need you to have cash balance to play the games and they give cash prizes. Hence, you can deposit some cash to your account or earn bonus cash by referring your friends and colleagues or win some game modes.

Remember that Bubble Cash can also help you to earn experience points while playing and leveling up. You need to achieve some levels so that you can unlock some game modes. In short, Bubble Cash is a great game because you can earn an income by simply shooting bubbles in your free time. It also offers real-money tournaments without displaying ads. Even better, you can cash out your money by using PayPal.  

Bubble Cash involves a certain level of gambling, meaning that a person should be at least 17 years old or above to download the game on the App Store. But Papaya Gaming requires a person to be 18 years old to play the games. Also, you must have an eligible iOS device to download and play the games, including iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches that run iOS 10.2 or later. 

The app supports only English and cash tournaments are available in many states. It’s worth noting that Bubble Cash can be a fun game, especially if you love to shoot bubbles and like to play mobile games in your free time.  

Playing online games that pay real money, such as Bubble Cash cannot make you rich, but it may offer you the chance to earn some cash in your free time. You can use this cash to pay for your daily expenses. If you have a high skills set, there is a chance that you can be competing for prize pools that are $60 or even more.

By Manali