Mold is a fungal growth found on wet surfaces. Although it helps to decay organic matter, it causes health problems in humans like respiratory issues, neurological disorders, and even death. This is to the extent of the harmful effects of mold in your house.

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These are the tips you can use to get rid of it. 

9 Tips To Prevent Mold In Your House

  1. Do a survey

Identify the problems in your house to check for mold spread and growth. You might notice leakage, wall crumbling due to water, water stains on the ceiling tiles, and other related problems due to moisture in your house. 

You want to prevent its growth by keeping off the moisture. It might be as little as drying off the wet rugs in your house.

  1. Keep your house clean and dry

Mold reproduces through spores that are carried by air to drop on a surface. And these spores won’t grow into new molds if they don’t see favorable requirements like moisture.

It’s more reason you should wipe off spillage immediately, and keep your house dry regularly. If your house has experienced flooding, remove the soggy rugs or carpets, furniture, bedding, and others affected if they can’t be efficiently dried.

Also, molds feed on organic matter like dust to grow. So ensure you keep your house clean at all times.

  1. Use of mold-resistant products

Most of the products we use in the house do not prevent mold growth. Molds feed on paper, wood, paint, wall, carpets, and more. 

To keep off excess moisture, use mold-resistant wood, paints, insulated pipes, and dry walls.

  1. Allow for more ventilation

When you enable fresh air into your house, it keeps off humid air that might have tiny spores in them. Especially in parts of the house that are more humid, like the bathroom, there should be proper vents and fans to keep the place dry.

  1. Keep humidity low

There are many ways to keep humidity low in your house. Some of them are opening your windows, using the air conditioner, taking short and cool showers, drying clothes outside, and using dehumidifiers. 

Dehumidifiers are air conditioning devices to prevent the growth of molds by extracting water from the air.

  1. Use of mold-resistant plant

Having plants in the house can attract mold if they are not resistant to it. In your house, you can grow mold-resistant plants like chrysanthemum species without having any problems.

  1. Maintain the temperature

One of the favorable requirements needed for spores to grow into molds is warm temperature. Especially during the hot weather, the temperature in the house is usually high and this calls for the regulation of such temperature to be low. 

  1. Clean the gutters around your house

Gutters are supposed to be cleaned regularly and decluttered in case of any blockage. This is to ensure that water doesn’t overflow to the side of your house which can allow for mold growth.

  1. Avoid keeping damp clothes in the house

Keeping wet clothes or spreading them in the house can cause mold to grow since molds love damp places. So ensure to dry damp clothes outside your house to prevent moisture.

By Manali