Considering the rate of crime in society, security doors are necessary. When there is an issue of theft or kidnapping in your neighborhood, the first thing that comes to mind is keeping your door under lock and key. 

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Installing a security door has so many advantages as well as its downsides; if you’re looking to install one, this article gives you a heads-up. 

Pros of Security Doors 

  1. Guaranteed Security

An average door (automatic or manual) Installing a high-level security door in your home gives you peace of mind; you can go about your everyday activity without worrying about your property. 

There are several types of security doors, so you can install a bulletproof door with a security system. With this, only authorized users have access to your home. 

  1. Gives A Good First Impression

Aside from durability, installing a security door on your house creates a positive impression of your home in the mind of your visitors. This is true because most homes have regular doors. 

One other thing about security doors is that they can be shaped to your taste, giving your house a complete touch of excellence with sure security. 

  1. Long Lifespan

Unlike regular doors with a lock and key, most security doors are durable and can last a long time without any wear or tear. House owners can install an aluminum or steel security door that improves room temperature and is soundproof. 

Cons of Security Doors

Just like every other technological product, security doors have some downsides which you should be mindful of. 

  1. Cost of Purchase and Installation

Owing to the relevance of security doors in society and the prestige it carries, the cost of one security door is on the high side. Purchasing one will reflect on your budget, that’s why such doors are meant for those with high financial status. 

Aside from that, the installation cost is also a concern; unlike regular doors, security doors must be installed and tested by a professional. This cost makes it difficult for most house owners to purchase a security door. 

  1. Technical Malfunction

Security doors come with a computerized system that helps identify the right user and also hinders intruders. Just like any computerized system, issues can arise from the security program, compromising security. 

This will require the help of an expert, hence, incurring more costs. Unlike some regular doors that can be fixed and may just have fewer complications, security doors are a handful when there is a breach. 

  1. Maintenance

Security doors come in different materials. Installing a wooden security door will require that you fumigate to chase insects. Also, a steel or aluminum material will require repainting and may need a change when it gets rusted. The type of door material used determines the cost of maintenance. 

Bottom Line

Security doors have benefits and demerits, but the main factor to consider is the value of having one in your home. You wouldn’t want your house burgled by thieves, so have a budget and get a security door for your home. 

By Manali