Have you ever had an oil change by Conklin in Hutchinson Kansas? You may be wondering why Conklin Convoy Motor Oil is a preference for many. It is worth mentioning that choosing an appropriate engine oil can significantly impact your vehicle’s efficiency. Buying the right products can improve performance if you know the specific requirements of your engine and understand the technical parameters. Knowing the intricacies of lubricants and oil technology can help you achieve the best possible results, whether you are responsible for a fleet of vehicles, maintain a classic or race car, or simply want to get the most out of your car engine.

First, it’s important to understand that different types of vehicles require different types of oil. Some people are skeptical about the benefits of using a high-quality oil, and it may be tempting, especially for fleets, to buy one oil and use it on different vehicles. While this eliminates the need to buy many items, it can be inefficient and expensive in the long run. Read on to discover why Conklin Convoy Motor Oil is popular with car owners.

Molybdenum-Enriched Convoy® 5W-30 API SP Specifications

Convoy® 5W-30 engine oil protects your asset, improves fuel efficiency, and extends oil drain intervals. Its technology is state of the art and includes high-quality conventional oil, PAO synthetic oil, innovative additives with proprietary antioxidant technology, and high-grade molybdenum. The friction-reducing additives protect the engine from wear even in demanding driving situations such as stationary and flowing traffic, extreme heat and cold, numerous short trips, and transportation.

Conklin Convoy Motor Oil Accreditations

Convoy allows you to run smoother and longer thanks to molybdenum, its friction modulator in Convoy 5w-30 that increases effectiveness and efficiency. Convoy 5w-30 meets the operating criteria of API SP / ILSAC GF -6A and is compatible with SN -Plus and SN / SM and previous API standards, as well as ILSAC GF5/GF-4 standards.

Wherever there is an API service class SP / ILSAC GF -6A engine oil recommendation, Convoy 5W-30 provides protection. 5w-30 is fully interoperable and meets or exceeds Sn/ SM standards as well as SN -Plus, SN / ILSAC GF -5/GF-4, and other gasoline-powered engines. The improved synthetic and fully synthetic PAO base oils feature excellent all-temperature properties, while the conventional oil gives Convoy the parasynthetic designation and provides sealing integrity for the entire drain interval of an engine.

What Are The Benefits Of Convoy® 5W-30 Engine Oil?

The benefits of using Conklin Convoy engine oil include;

  • Excellent corrosion resistance, especially for modern engine technology
  • Increases fuel efficiency.
  • It supports fast starting.
  • It is ideal for engines with turbochargers that run on gasoline.
  • LSPI protection (Low-Speed Pre-Ignition)
  • It minimizes friction, which translates into increased performance.
  • Engine protection against wear and corrosion
  • It’s a long-life oil that provides longer oil change intervals with oil analysis.
  • It reduces varnish and sludge formation.
  • Conklin Convoy engine oil has excellent oxidation and heat tolerance.

Convoy 5W-30 Applications

Convoy 5W-30 is ideal for gasoline vehicles that require a 5W-30 engine oil.

The Step-By-Step Guide To Switching To Convoy® Engine Oil

Here are some considerations that you should make when switching to Convoy® Engine Oil;

  • Before switching an engine to Convoy engine oil, you should clean the crankcase with TKO® to remove deposits and residues that may have accumulated there.
  • Consider using Convoy for your next filter and oil change if the recommended intervals are less than 20,000 miles on newer vehicles.
  • Before switching to Convoy, you should drive your vehicle at least 3,000 miles with engine oil and TKO, assuming it has between 20,000 and 100,000 miles on the odometer.
  • For engines with at least 100,000 miles on the odometer, your TKO may need more than just an oil change. Take into account that you can only use TKO a limited number of times. When using TKO for the first time, you may notice a slight increase in oil consumption, which is normal. Burning off residue and debris will increase oil consumption. Once you have completed the Convoy Conversion, completing the TKO quest is no longer necessary.
  • You should always replace the filter at each oil service.

Regular oil testing is important to protect your car. Conklin Honda Hutchinson accepts oil samples for comprehensive oil analysis. It’s important to know that an oil analysis will help extend oil change intervals and provide relevant information about your engine’s and oil’s condition, especially for family vehicles, farm equipment, and off-road vehicles.

By Manali