Purchasing local and international goods can be challenging if you live abroad, frequently travel, or relocate. And yes, global or cross-border shipping can be expensive, unreliable, and sometimes time-wasting. Plus, buying the things you want could still be challenging if you don’t feel like crossing borders to get your goods or you don’t have a passport. Fortunately, Push It North can help. Explore a seamless and convenient shopping experience with the assistance of our reliable services, and don’t forget to enhance your travel journey with the right travel accessories available through our platform.

With the help of a company like MyUSaddress.ca, the Push It North services are unbiased and can ship any goods you want. And once you work closely with them, you’ll learn that the company says you can easily use our Push It North service to the Ontario location for a border-free pickup. More importantly, besides offering the free-pickup advantages, knowing how the whole service works comes with more benefits. So, let’s explore everything you should know about Push It North.

What’s the Exact Meaning of a Service like Push It North?

Because of the many international or cross-border shipping restrictions and demands, it can be challenging to access everything you want, especially without a passport or when you don’t have the proper means to cross borders and pick up your goods. 

Or, it could be because you don’t have enough money to budget for shipping and picking your package. As a result, to erase these hassles, services like Push It North aim at helping anyone buy and receive their goods internationally without extra cost. In other words, once you pay for the things you purchase, the company takes everything in their hands until you get your package.

You could have them forward your packages directly to your home or business, depending on how safely you can receive them where you’re. And remember, services like the Push It North help you buy and receive goods from advanced countries like the United States. For example, if you’re Canadian, the services are more accessible and effortless to help you considering it’s meant to erase the difficulties most Canadians face when shipping goods from the States.

How the Service Works

While the service could get your packages anywhere, the best example to understand how it works is through shipping online and having a shopping account with the company primarily as a Canadian buying stuff from the United States. This way, you first shop online and then enter the shopping address you obtain after opening an account with the company. 

Plus, ensure your address represents places such as Ogdensburg, New York. Next, once you purchase and your shopping goes through, you get a notification that your package is under process. Afterward, another message representing that your package has arrived is sent. You log into your account this time and click the Push It North button.

When this happens, the company clears and transports your package to accessible residences such as Prescott, Ontario, or anywhere they have Canada warehouse services for processing. And remember, regardless of the number of goods you order, most processing takes about three business days.

After that, based on your Push It North service instructions, you can pick up your package in Prescott, or the company forwards them directly to your front door anywhere. But with the direct forwarding services, you will incur an extra cost as carrier service expenses.

The Benefits of Using the Push It North Service

To help you buy and ship things from anywhere or from advanced countries like the United States, where you could buy designer goods and other stuff you could hardly find anywhere, services like the Push It North are advantageous for the following reasons.

Affordable Shipping Costs

Buying and receiving your packages across borders can be expensive with most international shipping companies, especially those without shipping addresses. Luckily, a service like Push It North has lower rates than any official carrier service company you know. 

With the service, your packages are forwarded directly to your place, or you pick them up from the company’s nearest warehouse freely. Plus, you could decide to buy and ship goods when the company offers discounts, something that happens often. In the end, you save more money and time.

Enjoying Package Consolidation

Package consolidation is when you buy and ship multiple items in a single order box or package. And as a result, this helps you save money, especially if you pay per package.

It’s Safer and More Professional than Other Methods of Buying Goods Internationally

Package forwarding is safer and highly reliable than buying and shipping goods internationally via methods like carrier services. For example, you could effortlessly track your goods and know when you will get them.

By Manali