Nail shape inspiration is everywhere, from Instagram to Pinterest and other social media channels. However, you’ll soon realize that your hands are the ultimate decider of which nail shapes are perfect for you. This article is for you if you’re bored of your regular nail shape and looking to spice things up. Here, an eco-friendly nail salon shares the best tips to find a perfect nail shape for your fingers.

Finding the perfect nail shape for your fingers

Each individual has a unique and natural finger shape that can be adjusted or defaulted to. However, variety is the spice of life. If you’re tired of the regular fingernail shape you’re rocking, here’s an overview of the common shapes you can try out;

Natural nail shape

The natural nail shape has many advantages, including that it is natural and places less stress on your nails. It is perfect for every nail type and default shape. Whether your default nail shape is flared, oval, straight, or uneven shaped, you can always enjoy the natural shape as-is.

Oval nail shape

Some are lucky to have a naturally oval nail shape. This is a medium to long shape with straight-filed sides ending in a small semi-circle in the center or at the top. You do not need a long nail to pull this nail shape off. In fact, oval nail shapes are perfect for short to medium nail lengths.

Square nail shape

The square nail shape is perfect for everybody, especially people interested in low-maintenance nail shapes. With the square nail shape, you can effectively blunt the top and sides of the nail into a straight-filed end. Square nail shapes are easy to maintain and pose less risk of harming yourself or someone else.

Almond nail shape

You should try the almond nail shape today if you haven’t already tested the waters. This nail shape is perfect for everybody and can be achieved by filing off the sides into a tapered edge. Unlike the oval nail shape, the edge here is slightly more pointed.

Square, round nail shape

This is also known as the soft square nail shape. For this shape, the nail technician aims for a square shape nail but gives the edges of the nails a soft and round finish. This nail shape often accentuates the fingernails and is perfect for short, medium, and long nail types.

Squoval nail shape

The squoval nail shape is one of the latest in the industry and among nail technicians. It combines the beauty and elegance of a rectangle and oval shape in one. This type of nail shape often comes with a flatter top.

Coffin nail shape

Also known as the Ballerina, this nail shape blends feminine and edgy into one. It is usually perfect for long fingernails. For this look, the fingernails are filed from the edge and given a tapered look at the top. Unlike the oval or almond shape, the top is flattened.

Stiletto nail shape

This is one of the most dramatic nail shapes, especially as it requires you to dramatically file your fingernails to a pointed tip. It is important to note that it is best to pull this shape off with acrylics, as most natural nails cannot withstand such heavy filing.

So, what’s the best fingernail shape for me?

The best fingernail shape for you depends on your hand type. Below are the common hand types.

  • Hi-five hands

Hi-five hands usually have short fingers and long palms. You should try the oval nail shape if your hands fit this description. The oval finger shape gives your fingers a slender and longer appearance.

  • Grounded hands

Grounded hands are usually characterized by wide palms and short fingers. Try out the round shape if your hand fits this description. The round shape is low maintenance and practical. You’ll also get a great experience from it, especially if you’re handy with musical instruments or use your hands a lot.

  • Piano hands

Piano hands have long fingers and wide palms. They are called piano fingers because the long fingers are perfect for traveling over the piano when playing a tune. You’re better off with a coffin nail shape for this hand type. The coffin or ballerina nail shape is often perfect for people with longer and sturdier fingers. You can use acrylics if your fingernail doesn’t match the length.

  • Generous hands

You have a generous hand if you have a mix of long palms and long fingers. Explore square nail shapes for this hand type. However, you’re on the lucky side as you can wear your nail at any length with corresponding shapes.

Have you figured out your hand type and the perfect nail shape for it? Book your nail appointment and watch your fingernails come out looking absolutely gorgeous.

By Manali