Metal doors have a unique make-up when it comes to weight and strength. House owners would prefer a metal entry door to a wooden one for security reasons. This is one benefit of installing a metal door. 

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Before the advent of security doors, metal doors were considered secure enough and durable to an appreciable extent, although the narrative has changed. This article uncovers six downsides of metal doors. Have a good read. 

Disadvantages of Metal Doors

  1. Pricing

Talking of cost, metal doors are on the high side, owing to their components, weight, and strength, the price has never been pocket friendly. If you are looking to purchase a metal door frame or a complete metallic door, your budget will be high. This is one disadvantage of metal doors compared to wood and glass doors that offer different varieties and price ranges. 

  1. Vulnerable to Weather Conditions

Just like wooden doors, metal doors also feel the impact of the weather. Though it can maintain room temperature, metal doors cannot regulate heat or cold in extreme weather conditions. 

When the weather is hot, the door gets too much. Likewise, when it’s cold, metal doors become too cold. This has a negative effect on house owners. 

  1. No Atheistic Feel

Doors are great regarding security and privacy, but they are also meant to complement the interior decoration of your house. Metal doors do not meet this need, it has no elegant look when installed in the house. 

For house owners concerned with design and class, metal doors do not fit your taste. You may wish to try out other types of doors.  

  1. Prone to Rusting

This is one feature that is paramount when you install a metal door at the entrance of your house. Metal doors are susceptible to rust and wear and tear out over time. Rain and moisture cause rusting, reducing your door’s quality and beauty. 

If you are looking to install a good entry door that is durable, metal doors do not meet your need. Rather fiberglass and screen doors will do. 

  1. Maintenance Cost

Every door needs to be maintained to retain quality and meet a need. The cost of maintaining a metal door can be on the high side because it is vulnerable to rust and dents. To maintain such doors, you’ll be required to repaint periodically and also completely change the door when there are so many dents. 

  1. Prone to Cracks, Dents, and Difficult Cut 

A metal door can sink when hit by a strong object or by accident. This doesn’t look good for your home or office. 

Metal doors can get dented easily compared to fiberglass and wood. This is one disadvantage that requires a complete change of the door. 

Cracks and scratches are also common with metal doors. This reduces their lifespan and makes them vulnerable to rusting. 

Also, unlike wooden and fiberglass doors that are easily trimmed and can fit into any frame, metal doors have a tough time trimming and fitting. If you need to change your door, you’ll also have to change the door frame. All these increase the maintenance cost.

By Manali