Like any modern household equipment, automatic doors (You can find out more on these doors on ​​ both advantages and downsides. When looking to install an automatic door in your house or business, it is good you get acquainted with its benefits and its disadvantages. 

This article uncovers the top disadvantages you may encounter after installing an automatic door in your property. Continue scrolling to find out about them.

Top Disadvantages of Automatic Doors

  1. Pricing

Automatic doors, unlike manual ones, are quite on the high side when it comes to pricing. This is because it involves the use and combination of high-quality materials to fit consumers’ needs. 

As a business or an individual, this may tell on your budget. One thing to note is this. Automatic doors cannot be installed without a professional, which adds to their cost. Some manual doors can be fixed following a manual or a guide. This is not obtainable with automatic doors. 

  1. Maintenance and Installation

Every door needs maintenance due to its frequent usage, and automatic doors are no exception. When planning to install automatic doors, note that your expenses do not stop there after purchase. You’ll have to hire an expert to install your automatic door. 

After that, automatic doors need a routine check which also demands that you hire a professional to carry out such a task. Besides this, there may be a need to change old parts, so a replacement can be expensive. 

  1. Mechanical Faults

Workers or customers can get stuck in an office or building due to unforeseen mechanical faults from the door. Just like any automatic equipment, there could be recurrent faults that can hinder its full functioning. 

Automatic doors have sensors, remotes, and other wireless settings, which may malfunction and leave you or your customers stranded. These malfunctioning can only be fixed by a professional, requiring more funds. 

  1. Power Outage

Some automatic doors work perfectly when there is a constant power supply in the building, and such doors are mostly used in big companies. This means that an interruption of power can disrupt the free flow of traffic in the building. 

Also, an unstable power supply can damage the internal parts of an automatic door. Hence, the proper functioning of an automatic door requires an uninterrupted power supply, which demands more funds. This problem can only be solved if an automatic door has a manual mode setting. 

  1. Personal Routine Check

Aside from periodic maintenance by a professional, automatic doors demands that you do a personal routine check to prevent an accumulation of debris, insects, and other unwanted materials that can hinder the smooth mode. 

You may need to polish and oil internal parts of the door, like the springs and bolts, to prevent rusting. 

Bottom Line

Like every other machine, automated doors have both benefits and downsides; in mind, weighing your options and going for what you want is wise. 

Automatic doors have different specifications and are of various types. This affords you the leverage to make a purchase based on your budget. 

By Manali