Have you ever been in a circumstance requiring an expert’s help? Being in such a situation makes you wish you have certain skills or knowledge to meet your need. 

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Well, several skills you possess can help you whenever there is a problem with your toilet. Here are basic ways to fix some recurrent toilet issues. 

Toilet Problems You Can Fix Yourself

  1. Faulty Toilet Base

This can happen if your toilet isn’t installed properly, the base is broken, or your wax ring is damaged. You’ll have a lot of water all over your bathroom, and it may find its way to other parts of the house. 

How To Fix It

Check to know where the water is dripping from. After that, check the screws at the base to see if they are loose, tighten them, and observe. If the issue doesn’t stop, you may need to get a new wax string because once you remove the toilet from the floor, your wax string becomes useless. 

Get a wax string from a store and ensure you get the required size and quality for your toilet. For durability, you can purchase a foam string. It serves better and is adjustable. 

  1. Loose Toilet

When you find it uncomfortable or unsafe to use the toilet because it has lost balance, that’s one problem. This can cause damage to the wax string and lead to water leakage. 

How To Fix It

Adjust the bolts at the base, and be cautious so as not to overtighten them. You can also place a wedge that fits underneath to prevent rocking, which is done when the base is not leaking. 

If the issue persists, you may need to change the wax ring or the rim. 

  1. Leaky Tank

When you notice water on the floor or the toilet bowl, it is definitely from the tank. This could be because there are cracks on the tank or the bolts are not tight enough. 

How To Fix It

Firstly, check for cracks on the tank’s body; if there are tiny holes or lines, you need to replace it to avoid the worst damage.

If the tank is fine, check the bolts and seal, tighten them properly and observe for some minutes. If the issue persists, you might need to replace and seal the bolts. 

  1. Spoilt Flush Handle

If you have tried flushing the toilet and notice the handle is loose, broken, or stiff, there are possible causes. Firstly, the but inside the toilet may be loose or worn out, or the lift chain is slack. All these occur if the flush handle is manhandled. 

How To Fix It

Open the tank and observe the possible faults. If the nuts are loose, you can tighten them counterclockwise. While doing that, do well to apply caution because those nuts can break easily. 

If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to adjust the chain properly, and it is safe to give a little slack when doing this. 

Final Thoughts

You can save money when you have basic knowledge on how to fix your toilet because some toilet issues can be fixed in a few minutes. If you encounter a problem in your toilet, always try out these steps.

By Manali