Your kids can become obsessed with bunk beds as Hollywood and children’s books have always glorified shared bunk bed spaces, where the little ones can have a gala time with their cousins and friends! Apart from being a floor space-saving solution, bunk beds can also contribute to fun childhood experiences for your children. These unique designs can make every night feel like an adventure by making them feel like they are sleeping inside a fortress. From siblings to friends and cousins, your kid can share a small bedroom with others while having their own personal space. But it is not easy to search for the best bunk bed style, especially if you are new to this. There are a lot of bunk bed options in the market today, and there are certain things you need to consider before investing your money into one. In this article, we will talk about tips for choosing the best bunk bed style for your home. Meanwhile, you can check out this page for a contemporary bunk bed design with a staircase that can fit into any home decor and design.

Tips For Choosing The Best Bunk Bed Style:

  • Envision the room: Your room is one of the most crucial factors to take into account. Spend a little more time measuring the area. Consider the windows, doorways, and cupboards to determine the ideal location for a bunk bed. The perfect location is along an empty wall that is not in the way of any windows or doorways. The bed may sometimes fit horizontally, which often results in extra floor area. Alternatively, if your room’s corner is where it would fit best, think about corner bunk beds.
  • Don’t invest in the cheapest design: Bunk beds are significant investments. There are many cheap bunk beds that are usually found on discount or mass-market websites, but according to homeowners and interior designers, they are never a wise option. Think about the safety and comfort of your children, as most of the manufactured materials and structures of such bunk beds are not durable enough for regular use.
  • Choose solid wood over particle: Always choose solid wood over processed woods, which are made of tiny wood flakes bonded together or particle boards. It is always crucial to consider the material of your bunk bed. Keep searching for something made of solid wood if the description of materials lists particle board or MDF. Solid woods have the longest lifespan because they are strong and stable.
  • Think about the style and setup: There are several types, colors, and designs of bunk beds on the market. Consider starting by selecting the material. The next step is to select how you want the beds to be arranged. Generally, two single bed mattresses are often piled one on top of the other. However, you might also choose full or queen-sized mattresses for better comfort.
  • Consider the size and height: You should be thinking about the size and height after you have determined the arrangement and the material. The beds you choose, whether twin or queen, will directly determine the size. Height is another crucial factor. For instance, to prevent your children from hitting their heads while sitting up in bed, you need to make sure that your ceilings are high enough. Allow 30 to 40 inches between the ceiling and the top of the mattress to prevent the person on the top bunk from hitting their head.
  • Find the purpose of the bed: Since there are so many wonderful possibilities, bunk beds can also be used for different purposes other than sleeping. For instance, some designs provide additional workspaces, storage space, or extra beds for visitors. Some bunk beds feature slides or playhouse bunk beds and may even serve as play areas. You can also go for a custom bed designer who can create anything to suit your demands, especially if you want to communicate your unique requirements with them.
  • Go for flexible designs: With bottom bunks that can be added or removed, stacked twins that can be unstacked later, and other features, several bunk bed manufacturers are incorporating flexibility into their designs. Although these customized designs can cost more than a fixed bunk, they might end up saving you money since you won’t have to purchase any more beds down the road.

Contemporary bunk beds come with dressers, drawers, bookcases, and multiple storage options – which makes them an amazing addition to all kinds of homes. These added spaces can be customized to fit into the sides or bottom of the bed. There are also contemporary bunk bed designs with only the bed surface on top and empty space beneath it so that you can utilize the added space while enjoying the perks of having a bunk bed for your kid. Hence, take some time off to consider the kind of bed you would want in your home and get in touch with a professional bunk bed manufacturing company to get your hands on the most efficient bed design for your home.

By Manali