Traveling to a new city lets you explore various sights and sounds. And while at it, you can indulge in delicacies you may not find back home. But, as you make the most of your escapades, you might struggle to maintain your workout routine when you head out to a new location.

All the same, if you’ve been unwell and need physical therapy before you’re up and about, you could try out Movement 101 – an invaluable resource to help you regain your strength before you’re fully back on your feet.

In the meantime, what if we told you there are ways you can stay in shape as you travel? And, best of all, for free! You can stay fit and maybe even find your zen with some ingenuity and a little effort. Here’s a quick guide to help you access free workouts:

1. Volunteering at a Gym

This is a great way to explore a new location and meet new people. Head over to a local gym and see if they offer work-exchange programs. You can help with cleaning, staffing the front desk, or other related duties in exchange for a free membership.

Some gyms have these programs, while others may not be aware of them. So, it’s best to chat with the manager and see if they offer opportunities for you to help. They might have a light-bulb moment and see how this could benefit both parties.

Technically, it means you’ll be working out at the gym – not exactly a vacation vibe. But, if you want to stay active, this could be a great option. Although you’ll put it an hour or so by volunteering, the beauty of it is that you won’t be paying for your workouts, per se.

2. Fitness Stores

Visit a fitness store nearby to pick up workout tips and trends. Such stores may also offer free classes, a great way to try something new without committing to it long-term – or pay for it.

Lululemon, for example, offers free yoga classes in its stores worldwide. All you need is a mat, water, and comfortable clothes. Check the schedule online before you head over so you can join a class that works with your itinerary.

Other fitness stores like REI offer outdoor classes on activities like stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking. These could be great if you’re headed somewhere near a beach or lake. You could even make new friends along the way. But let’s mention that REI’s classes charge a small fee.

Nike also offers Run Clubs and training classes in line with its mobile fitness app. The app is free to download, and you can use it to find running groups wherever you are. Some classes and locations require pre-registration, so it might help to figure that part out before you leave.

3. App-Based Workouts

There’s no shortage of free workouts online. With numerous fitness apps available, chances are you can find one that checks all your boxes – whether you’re planning for yoga, HIIT, or strength training sessions.

If you have a specific routine, many apps let you filter workouts by duration, equipment needed, and even terrain type. This way, you can find a place to exercise even if you’re in an unfamiliar location. For instance, the app Freeletics has a GPS feature that helps you find bodyweight workouts near you – all for free.

Hey, even YouTube might be a great resource if all the other options don’t seem appealing. You can find free exercise videos for just about anything – from Zumba to cardio kickboxing. Heck, you could even invite your traveling party for virtual workout classes, maybe start something all on your own.

4. Hiking and Biking Trails

Most cities have amazing hiking and biking trails perfect for a quick nature fix. And the best part is that most are free to enjoy.  Hence, if you want to explore a new location, why not head out to a local park?

A local tourist office can avail maps of the city you plan to visit, or you can scour the web for such resources. The maps can give you an idea of where the trails are, including their length, obstacles to look out for, and other details.

But before you hike or ride, equip yourself with the proper gear. You can check if your hotel offers rentals. If not, scope out companies focusing on outdoor equipment rentals in the area.

While access to the trails might not be free, you can snag discounts or enjoy free entry during specific days or hours. For instance, some parks offer free admission on particular days or public holidays.

There’s no shortage of free opportunities to exercise. So, you don’t have an excuse to put your routine on hold just because you’re traveling. Whether you find a free spot in a gym or take advantage of the great outdoors, use these tips to help you get moving.

By Manali