You need professional and well-equipped mechanics to fix or service your car whenever you need their services. And a professional car repair specialist is a person who digs deep into your vehicle to find the root of the problem. Someone who doesn’t use jargon to explain the process of fixing or servicing your car. And most importantly, a person who is patient and doesn’t easily lose their temper with you. If you want to find this mechanic for all your car repairs in Salina, go here.

But if you still need more reasons to choose us, keep on reading.

Trained And Experienced Car Repair Professionals

We’re committed to providing you with the best car repair services you can find in Salina. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to only hire highly trained, experienced, and licensed car repair experts. We look for mechanics who’ve specialized in working on the different brands of vehicles we service. We’re proud of our car technicians who’ve taken the initiative to raise our service standards by qualifying for the American Services Excellence (ASE) Certificate. 

Quality And Convenient Customer Service

Here we value integrity and customer experience far above our bottom line. You are our pride and joy; therefore, we’ve trained our staff to provide you with a phenomenal and stress-free customer experience. As part of our service code, our staff members are friendly, kind, honest, courteous, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. To improve your customer experience, we provide additional perks such as a nice and comfortable waiting area and offer complimentary drinks for you to enjoy as you wait. 

Personalized Services

Even as the company grows, we want to remain your go-to guy for all of your car repair issues. We work hard to provide you with focused and personalized auto repair services. We’ve achieved this by expanding our staff to ensure a staff member is always available to cater to your car repair needs, providing you with an easy way to schedule appointments online, providing door-to-door vehicle pick-ups and drop-offs, and providing several communication channels like emails, texts, phone calls (at any time of the day), and live video calls.

Same-Day Services

We receive many customers who want their car repairs completed as soon as possible. Therefore, we’ve created a system that makes it easier for us to provide you with same-day services. These same-day services cover both vehicle maintenance and repair services. However, we ask you to understand that there are times when circumstances may force us not to provide you with same-day services. Nevertheless, we always strive to minimize such situations as much as possible. 

Online Appointment Requests

Our online appointment request page is unique. It’s designed to ensure you provide us with as much information as possible in very few steps. For first-time customers, you only need to enter your car’s VIN. Or provide us with your car’s make, year, model, transmission, engine, drive train, odometer readings, customer concerns, factory scheduled maintenance, and dealer recommended services. After providing us with this information, we’ll give you a list of dates and times you can schedule an appointment. Select the most opportune time for you to be free. This entire process takes less than 5 minutes. We also have a separate process for return customers scheduling or rescheduling their appointments that takes less than 3 minutes to complete. 

Rebates And Warranties

To reduce the pressure of financial stress, we’ve included rebates for most of our car repair services. The rebates range from as low as $10 to as high as $200. We also offer you warranties as part of our services. Some of the warranties we provide go for extended periods such as 30 months. If you’d like more information on rebates, warranties, and other financial assistance options, call us now, and our staff will answer all of your questions. 

Free Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Service

Don’t yet know what’s affecting your car? With our multi-point vehicle inspection service, you no longer have to worry. It’s not only free. But our car technicians thoroughly assess the condition of your car. Our reports are color coded to ensure you know which issues to fix immediately and which to fix at a later date. 

  • Red: These issues need immediate attention
  • Yellow: Address these issues in the near future
  • Green: No issues to address

For any of your automotive needs, call us now on (785) 214-4223. Or visit our auto repair shop today at 2700 S 9thSalina, KS 67401. We look forward to and are delighted to help you take care of your vehicle.

By Manali